Lost But Found

My career is about to finally kick off. I won a contest, which I will be flown out to met THE Simon Cowell, and he is putting together a new girl band. Which I will be in, because I have a angelic voice like my mothers, or that's what my dad says anyway. I wouldn't know.... She past away giving birth to me...... Anyways Simon said we will be meeting a boy band he put together. Apparently their known everywhere. But me being me not knowing much about anything outside my hometown (Mullingar, Ireland) , I don't know any big boy band. He said that their band is called "One Direction"....
Well I hope my career is successful.


1. Chapter 1.


Hey guys I hope you like my new fanfiction. If you do please like and fav. please. If you have any suggestions for the next chapter please message me.

My main character "Alex" is going to look like Marina Joyce off of YouTube.




Alex P.O.V


My alarm clock went off. I slammed my hand down on the off button. I made aloud groan sound realizing that it's 4:00 in the morning. I had to catch an airplane at 5:30, to go meet THE Simon Cowell. I got up and took a shower. After that I did my usual makeup/hair routine. Then got dressed into a sweatshirt with a cartoon cat on it, and I put black shorts on with it. Just to finish my look I put cat ears headband on. I grabbed my phone and click the power button. The time said it was 4:57. I went out of my room, and into the living room, I saw my dad there waiting for me already. "ready to go?" he asked. I nodded. My dad grabbed the suite cases and we made our way to the car. He put the keys into the ignition and turn on the car. Then we made our way to the airport.

**skip car ride**

Once we got to the airport, we were waiting for the plane so we cold aboard. I really had to go pee. "I will be right back" I told my dad. I got up from the waiting area and headed towards the bathroom. Buzz. I took out my phone and realized that I just got a game notification. I started walking again not even bothering looking up. But soon realizing that was a bad Idea, because I suddenly ran into someone, sending me falling to the floor. " OMG, so sorry" I said looking up. The first thing I saw was his eye, he had the most amazing blue eyes ever. "no its fine, I wasn't looking either" he said with his Irish accent like I have, he started getting up and offering me help up, with his hand. I gladly took his hand. "My name's Niall, how about you?" he asked. "My name is Alex". " well sorry but I have to go, hopefully see you around sometime" he said giving me a smile. "Okay, I hope too, bye". he gave me a small wave and walked away. I looked both ways this time and headed to the bathroom.

After I was done in the bathroom. I headed back to where I was before. I was about sit back down, but the intercom said our plan was ready to board. The first class people got to board first. Which was what Simon book for me and my dad. In the first class it was two seat side by side. We looked at our tickets and realize, that the seat next to mine wasn't my dads seat. I walked over to my seat and saw it was the guy that I ran into. I glance at my dad, but he wasn't looking at me, he was putting our carry on away. I glance back at Niall? I think that was his name. As I looked down he was already looking at me, with a grin on his face. "I think this is my seat" I said pointing beside him. "here let me check" he said sticking out his hand for my plane ticket. I gave it to him and he looked at for a second. "yeah, this is your seat" he said handing it back to me. I took it back and sat down beside him. As the pilot said to put on your set belts. I just realized I never been on a plane before. I started to get nervous, I started to tap my foot on the floor , and couldn't seat still. "is this your first time on a plane?" Niall asked."Yeah, I'm really nervous" "it's okay, just calm down" he said putting is hand on my thigh. I looked down at his hand, as I did this "Oh, sorry I didn't mean to do that" he quickly pulled away his hand. "uh, it's fine. But it did calm me down though" I said while I felt my cheeks get hot. "Wait, I got a question?"  Niall said. "Okay?" I said looking a him " Are you a fan of One Direction?" "One Direction?" I questioned "Yeah , like the boy band?" " I never heard of them?" I said giving him an confused look. "Really?" he said with a surprised voice. "yeah I never heard of them" "Okay." We chatted till my eyes started to get heavy. I started to talk slower. Our conversation ended when I fell asleep. 

"Alex....Alex....Alex" I heard a familiar voice saying my name as they shook me a little. I slowly opened my eyes, and saw Niall face right in front of mine. I must of fell asleep on him.oops. "S-Sorry, I fell asleep on you, I didn't mean too" I said getting up and off of him." its fine, I wanted to wake you up to say we are landing in five minutes" "oh okay thanks"

When the plane finally landed, the first class people got to get off first. So me and Niall got up from our seats. I was going to check my phone, but realized I didn't have it. I started to panic, I started to check my pockets over and over again. "Are you looking for this?" Niall said handing my phone "Yeah, but why do yo-" "I put my number in your phone, you seem pretty cool, so yeah." he said interrupting me. "O-okay?" "Yeah, well got to go, text me" he said leaving. I walked out of the plane to meet my dad. "Lets go find our ride Simon booked us? And how was your flight?" my dad asked me when I saw him. "okay, the person I sat with was nice." "that's good" my dad said. We got our bags and headed to the front. We say a man holding a sign that said out last name Davidson, we mad our way over there. "Hello Alex and Ty, please come this way." he started to walk off, we followed him, he brought us to a LIMO! I jumped in and so did my dad. "Okay lets go see Mr.Cowell "

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