Alison has dreams about what will happen with her and harry she has a big crush on hair styles and harry has a crush on her. she starts to loose friends cause of a rumor and harry tries to help her then harry finally .....


1. The first day

Alison's  P.O.V
"Alison do you take harry to be your husband" a man said " yes,I do" I said with a big smile on my face "harry do you take Alison to be ur wife" the man said again "y.....
--End of dream--
BEEP !  BEEP BEEP!  my alarm went off at 7:00 am. today was the first day of school and I had to make myself look presentable. So when I finally got out of bed I curled my hair and my everyday make-up (foundation,eye-liner,and mascara). Then I got dressed in jeans, a black tank top, Gray sweater and black toms. After I ate my breakfast I grabbed my backpack and lunch and walked to the bus stop. When I got there my best friend Liam payne was there so I went to stand with him "hey payne" I said "hello waters" he said back. awe talked until the bus came and talked all the way to school about what we did this summer. Me and Liam have been friends since kindergarten and know we are in grade 10 we are in the same class this year. finally we got to school.
We got to are home room and we had I hate him he is so annoying, he acts nice but after to month he is mean you do something and he will yell at you for the most stupid things. we got to meet all of are class mates and my crush is in my class this here HARRY STYLES he is probably the hottest guy ever. after two more classes it was time for lunch I sat with my SQUAD (Liam,Taylor,Kathleen,and Steve). "hey guys" Kathleen said sitting down "hey" everyone said back. we talked and talked till the bell rang. In science class we have Mrs.peters. After more classes school was finally done. As I was walking to the bus I ran into harry "oh sorry" he said "it is ok, it is my fault" I said looking at him thinking oh my god he is so hot "HARRY COME ON LETS GO" a voice called it was Louis "OK, well I will see you in class and around bye Alison" he said running to Louis "ok bye have fun see you later" i said starting to walk to the bus again. when I got to the bus Liam wasent  there so I had to sit by myself. the bus stopped at my stop I got off and started walking home. 
When I walked through the door I could smell my mom's cooking for dinner. I sat down and started to eat mashed potato,ham,and carrots. After dinner I went to my room and yelled "I MISSED U BED" and then grabbed my phone and texted Liam. 
Me: HEY, why weren't u on the bus??
Liam: because my dad picked me up 
Me: oh, I ran into HARRY!!  
Liam: oh how was that 
Me: AWESOME!!!! well he knows my name 
Liam: good lol, well I have to go get ready for bed bye love u 
Me: ok same here bye love u to 
After texting Liam i went for a shower and got ready for bed and everything. after I went to sleep...
Hey guys so you lie chapter one I will update tommorrow 
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