The Tribe of Misfits

Taito is a young Native American Indian. She lived on the continent before Christopher Columbus found America, and he knew how to hunt and use a bow better then anyone in her tribe. But, because she's a girl, she is shunned out of hunting, and called into woman hood. Not liking the way that her life was turning out, she runs into another boy from another Tribe named Bearhunter, and they become an unstoppable pair of misfits of their Tribes. Their friends and supporters grow, and soon, they may even have the strongest mini tribe in all of North America.


1. Dedication

     This Movellas is dedicated to my Hundredth follower, Taito, who is amazing.  All my other followers are just as amazing, so don't think that I don't acknowledge you too!  Thank you so much again!  And Read on!

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