Future Hearts

Lead singer of All Time Low meets a girl on tour she never gave him her name only her number and he has one picture and he can't get her out of his head so he goes and tries to find her and even recruits some help.


2. Chapter 2

          Natalie's POV

      Terrified, I walked in and the chair turned around and then Alex stands up and gives me a hug. My heart sinks I've liked this band forever and finally my dreams were coming true. "I like your shirt" Alex tells me. I relied with flushed cheeks and a small giggle. I didn't know how to react.This was my 5th All Time Low concert and everytime I just felt that something was weird. This had to be a dream. "You can sit here if you want." He said while patting the chair beside him. "Thanks Dan, you can go now. Can you have Jack or Rian keep her friend company?" "Sure Alex." Dan answered. we sat for 2 hours after the concert let out. I'm sure my parents were worried but I didn't care. We talked about the inspiration for the songs on the album, he talked about his childhood and the story about he became interested in music. We barely talked about me and I don't care i just liked the idea of him being comfortable talking to me the way he did. It made me feel important. Something I hadn't felt in a long time. After another 10 minutes of talking we finally said our goodbyes and went our own ways. All I know is, I'll never forget those few hours. Ever. "What were you doing in there?" Maddi asked. "We just talked about him and his inspiration for the songs on Future Hearts." "Sure you did well if you are at an interest me and Jack talked about you and Alex. We were talking about how much you guys had in common." "Shit! I forgot to tell him my name." I yelled "Turn around then." "No they left when we did and we are already two blocks from home. It's pointless, he has my number though I'll tell him when he text's me."

                   Alex's POV

       "Jack, she was amazing. She is only a few years younger than me. She has beautiful emerald eyes that amazing red hair." "Okay  Alex can you please shut up you've been talking about...What's her name?" "..I don't know.. She never told me." "Great Alex, now you'll never see her again." Jack replied. "wait she gave me her number. I'll just text her." "Oh no you won't,"  Zack butted in. "You don't wanna seem desperate do you? No? Good" So now I don't have a phone, her name and I have 16 hours 'til I have another show and last time this happened I saw the girls face EVERYWHERE! In the bathroom mirror, the crowd, the boys even looked like her. So I  have to find her. "I'm going to get sleep. I need to get over this crush." "Good night Alex" The boys said.

                              *Alex's Dream  Almost fiished*

        Interviewer: "Do you have a girlfriend? We saw you out with a girl the last couple weeks." "Yeah actually, we've been dating for a couple months actually, but she doesn't want her name out in the media yet so can't tell you." Interviewer: "Alright then that's all the time we have with Alex> Have a great time on tour Alex. I wish you and her a very successful relationship." "Goodbye, and we will I promise you that."



I hope this was better than the last chapter and I thank Cheating Death for the comment. It really helped.

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