Future Hearts

Lead singer of All Time Low meets a girl on tour she never gave him her name only her number and he has one picture and he can't get her out of his head so he goes and tries to find her and even recruits some help.


1. Chapter 1.

    "Who's gonna listen when you run out of lies? Who's gonna hear you when your words seem worthless." Alex sang while looking out at the crowd. He had noticed earlier that their was this one girl that stood out above the rest and couldn't help but stare.

           Natalie's POV

      Is Alex staring at me? No he can't be. There are like a million other girls in here it's not possible. Natalie DROP IT! You've been waiting for months to go to this concert shut up and enjoy it.

                                                                                        *An hour later*

"I don't know Maddi I just had the feeling that he was staring at me the whole time."  "It was all in your imagination Nat" Maddi said as she stood from her seat. "I know, that type of thing never happens to me" "Exactly" She said. "Now let's go."

         Alex's POV

      "Zack did you see that girl? She was so beautiful." "No I didn't Alex, Can you please stop talking about her. It's not like you'll ever see her again. The concert's over." Zack explained. "I WILL SEE HER AGAIN! I have an idea." "Oh no" Zack mumbled then walked away. I jogged over to the security guard and asked him if he could go find her. "She has a black shirt on that says 'My favourite dessert is Alex Gaskarth'  she was with a girl that is shorter than her maybe younger. Please find her."

        Natalie's POV

      So me and Maddi finally made it to the door when we were stopped by a security guard and asked us to come with him because somebody backstage wanted me. We followed him all the way to the back of the arena and he told Maddi to stay in the front room. He took me to another room and to be honest I was a little scared. There was a chair facing away from the door and my heart dropped into my stomach when the chair turned and Alex Gaskarth was staring me right in the eyes.





I know this was a little short and their will be more to come. I promise. And the chapters may or may not be as or mor creative. GOAL 5 LIKES

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