Wishing Well A.Ii

Ellena is a really insecure and shy girl. Ellena is bullied alot in school and doesn't get alot of attention at home since her mother died last year. One day when she was on her way home taking her usual rout through the woods she stumbles upon a well. Ever since that day she has vowed to herself to go there everyday and wait for her wish to come true. What happens if a certain brown haired boy finds Ellena and her hiding place? What if the more time he spends with Ellena the more she opens up to him. What if he falls for Ellena? Is she willing to open her heart up to him completely or will she leave the only person who ever cared for her? Will we ever know what her wish was?


7. 7

(A/n There's going to be a lot of pov changes so I apologise in advance if you get lost)


4th period is over and now it's time for lunch. I sighed and gathered my books and left the classroom to head to my locker. I opened my locker and placed my books in down and grabbed my lunch money. I walked downstairs to the lunch room and entered the lunch line. I grabbed a hamburger, french fries, an apple, and a chocolate shake.I looked around the lunch room looking for a place to sit. I sat at a table there were a few girls sitting there talking to their friends and when I sat down they got up and left quickly. I sighed and looked down at my lunch when all of a sudden Calum sat down next to me.

I stared at him confused on why he is sitting here with me. He had an evil grin on his face that made him look like the cat from Alice in Wonderland. 

"Hey Ellena did you get home fine?" He smirked.

"Yeah why?" I said.

"Well-" Calum started, but was interrupted by Luke slapping his lunch tray besides Calum. 

"Hey buddy." Luke said and touched Calum's shoulder.

Calum said hey and Luke's eyes connected to mine. 

"Hi Elena." Luke said awkwardly eyeing me. 

"Hey Luke." I said and looked at my food I wanted to eat, but I didn't wanna eat in front of boys. 

Michael sooned walked up to us with Ashton following him they eyed Calum, Luke, and I curiously wondering why we're sitting here together.

"We're sitting with her?" Michael said in disgust while eyeing me. 

"I don't know ask Calum." Luke said.

"I saw little Ellena sitting her alone so I figured we'd grant her with our presence considering all the fun we did last night." Calum winked at me when he said the last part. 

"Okay." Michael said and sat down beside Luke. 

Ashton sat down quietly beside me and began eating his food along with everyone else. I just looked around awkwardly the room and saw Bryana glaring at me. Everyone was eyeing the table we're sitting at and whispering to their friends. I looked down at my tray awkwardly feeling nervous and self conscious. The way I was feeling earlier today has left and now the normal sober Elena is beginning to come back.

"Are you gonna eat that?" Luke asked pointing to my food.

"No probably not." I said.

He reached over and grabbed my lunch tray and began eating my food.

"You know you really should eat something skipping meals isn't good for you." Ashton looked at me. 

"I'm not hungry." As soon as I said that my stomach decided to hate me and grumble. 

Ashton sighed and handed me his apple. I hesitantly took it from him and took a bite. The flavor hit my tongue and I moaned at how good it is. 

"Thank you." I said.

"It's just an apple." Ashton replied sharply and went back to talking to Calum. 

I looked down and continued eating the apple. I stayed quiet after that once the bell rang signaling that lunch is over I got up immediately and pushed through the crowd to get further away from them...


As soon as lunch was over Elena got up from her seat and basically ran to the exit to get away from us. I couldn't help, but feel sad when she left suddenly I mean we're not that bad right? I sighed and left the lunchroom with Calum, Luke, and Michael following closely behind.

We were silent the whole time as we walked to our lockers to get our things for next period. I had science with Bryana and Luke. Luke and I walked to class along with 200 other students in a hurry. I sat down in my seat at the back of the room and watched at other kids came in. The bell soon rang and the teacher started his boring lesson.


After a few boring classes later school was finally over for the day. Everyone rushed out of class as soon as the last bell rang. I followed behind slowly trying not to mobbed by my fellow classmates. Once I safely reached my locker I put my things in my bag and got made my way to the closest exit. 

I walked outside to see people hovered around their cars while everyone else was either getting on the bus or walking. I walked past everyone and quickly crossed the street to the dirt pathway to my house. 

I walked for a few minutes before taking a turn away from the path to make my way to the wishing well. I closed my eyes and thought about my wish. I thought about how silly is was to make such a stupid wish that will probably never come true, but it was fun just to have hope and believe in something even though it might not come true. 

After a few more minutes of sitting there thinking and looking at the well I made my way to the path again and began walking home. I reach the front door of my house and took out my keys and unlocked the door. I entered my house and locked the door before taking my shoes off on the side of the hallway and made my way to the kitchen.

I threw my book bag on one of the chairs and looked on the counter to see a note from my dad. 

'Working overtime tonight won't be home for dinner xxx~ Dad' 

I sighed and walked over to my fridge to find something to eat. Inside there was a carton of milk, eggs, water, cheese, a few cartons of juice, and a small package of bud light for my dad. I opened the freezer and cried mentally at the sight. Inside there was a package of frozen peas and corn, a few packages of meat, and a small carton of ice cream. 

I closed it and reached up to grab a cup and filled it up with water. I grabbed my bag off the chair and walked upstairs to my room. I threw my bag on my bed and set my cup on my nightstand.I took of my clothes and changed into my pjs which consists of a oversized shirt that said Italy and had the italian flag and pajama shorts. I laid on the bed and turned the tv on. I went on netflix and clicked on my list. I turned on the British tv show Skins and began watching it. 

Halfway through the second season I decided to order a large cheese pizza from domino's for my dinner. After 15 minutes of waiting my doorbell rang I grabbed my money to pay the pizza and ran downstairs to open the door. 

I opened the door expecting to see the pizza guy, but instead is face to face with Alexandra, Ashton, Luke, Calum, Michael,Bryana, and her group of friends. I stared at all of them confused on why they're outside my house. I gripped the doorknob and before any of them could react I slammed the door shut. 

As soon as I did I head Alexandra screaming and kicking the door saying that if I don't open she'll murder me. Her australian accent made her threats seem harmless, but I knew she wasn't playing. 

"Wait a second." I scream and ran upstairs to my room. 

I quickly changed out of my pjs and put on a pair of black tights with black shorts, an oversized gray button up men's shirt, and white and black high top vans. I through my hair in a messy bun while running downstairs. 

I opened the door quickly and surprised everyone with the door suddenly opening. They looked up and down seeing I changed fast.

"Come in." I said and opened the door wider to let them in. 

Bryana rolled her eyes at me when she entered. I wanted to slam the door in her face and tell her to leave, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Once everyone was in I saw the pizza guy standing there awkwardly. 

"Oh." I said and reached behind me and gave him a 20.

He handed me the pizza and took the money he began reaching in his pocket to give me changed, but I stopped him.

"Keep the change." I urged and smiled before slamming the door shut. 

I took a deep breath and entered the living room where I saw them sitting there. Bryana was looking at the room is disgust. Calum was smirking while speaking to Michael. Luke and Ashton were speaking with Alexandra. While Bryana's minions were speaking among each other. Michael was the first to notice me standing there with the pizza box in hand.

"Can I have some?" Michael said and eyed the pizza box hungirly. 

I nodded and set the box on the table in the living room and opened it. Michael reached forward with Luke and grabbed a slice of pizza. I grabbed a slice too and sat down next to Alexandra and began eating quietly. 

As I was eating Ashton was glancing at me a few times. He grabbed a slice of pizza for himself and began eating. Everyone was listening to some story Alex was telling us how she almost beat her high score is slither.io. Bryana rolled her eyes when she finished before speaking. 

"Can we go now it's lame here." Bryana yawned.

"It's almost 5:30 what are we gonna do?" Alex rolled her eyes at her.

"Let's go to the mall they're having a sale at Forever 21." Bryana said happily.

I immediately perked up at the name of my favorite store. 

"Actually can we go?" I asked Alexandra.

"Fine." Alex said.

I smiled and stood up everyone soon followed.

"Let me just put this in the trash and grab my purse." I grabbed the pizza box and thew it in the trash.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my phone, house keys, and purse. I walked downstairs and followed Calum who happened to be last out the door. I locked the door quickly and followed Alexandra to Ashton's car. 

'You didn't bring your car?" I asked her.

"No Ashton picked me up."


I saw Calum, Luke, Michael, and Ashton get in the car. Ashton was driving and the other three were in the backseat. I looked at Bryana's car and realized that I would have to sit with her.

"I'll sit with them go sit with Ashton." She winked and smirked at me and hopped in the car with Bryana. 

Before I got into the passenger's seat I saw Bryana glare at me. I looked away and got in the car. I put my seatbelt on when the car started to drive away from my house. I put my headphones on and began listening to All Time Low. 

Calum, Luke, and Michael began speaking hush hush to each other while Ashton and I were not speaking. We both could feel each other's presence, but neither of us could start a conversation. 


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