Wishing Well A.Ii

Ellena is a really insecure and shy girl. Ellena is bullied alot in school and doesn't get alot of attention at home since her mother died last year. One day when she was on her way home taking her usual rout through the woods she stumbles upon a well. Ever since that day she has vowed to herself to go there everyday and wait for her wish to come true. What happens if a certain brown haired boy finds Ellena and her hiding place? What if the more time he spends with Ellena the more she opens up to him. What if he falls for Ellena? Is she willing to open her heart up to him completely or will she leave the only person who ever cared for her? Will we ever know what her wish was?


6. 6

Ellena Hangovers the term is used when people get wasted the night before and wake up to a serious headache aka a hangover. Which is what I woke up to this morning...which I don't know how I got by the way. My father barged into my room around 6:00 am telling me to get ready for school this morning. I told him to fuck off for the first time ever 5 seconds later. I don't remember everything that happened last night, but I remember a few things. Like how that creep tried to grind up on me. I cringe at the thought and slowly rolled off my bed and onto my bedroom carpet. I groaned while dragging myself to my bathroom. I pulled my body up and turned the shower on. I stepped into the shower and let the warm water hit my body. I close my eyes for a few moments enjoying the feeling when I felt something wet and damp against my body. My eyes shot open and I looked down to see I was still wearing my tee-shirt and my white underwear which are soaking wet now. I sighed and threw my clothes off and put them on the bathroom floor and continued showering. After 10 minutes of scrubbing last night off my body I got out off the shower. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I started walking to the door when I forgot about the wet clothes on the floor. I slipped on them and fell on my back against the marble floor. I groaned in pain and debated whether I should get up or not. I pushed myself up using the counter for support and slowly walked into my room. I slipped on a pair of underwear and a matching bra and looked at myself in the mirror. I have a nasty purple bruise on the right side of my stomach. I cringe looking at it and resist the urge of touching it. I went to my closet and pulled out a pair of grey sweatpants, a blue tee-shirt , and my pink socks. I walked over to my mirror and threw my hair into a messy ponytail. I walked to my bathroom and took my makeup out. I didn't feel like putting all this makeup on so I put mascara, some concealer, and fixed my eyebrows. I walked out and put my grey low top converses. I grabbed my phone and my backpack and left the house. I sighed realizing it's raining which means I have to walk in the rain to school. I took my umbrella out looked both ways before crossing the street to reach the dirt path that takes me to school. The path was a bit muddy making my shoes dirty. I groaned in pain every time I moved my ribs are killing me, but I push through the pain. 15 minutes later I arrived at school. I watched as kids ran into the school in a hurry trying to keep dry. I walked through the front door. I passed the main office when I heard the late bell ring meaning I'm late for class.I sighed and climbed the stairs and got to my locker. I pulled my books out for my first period class which happens to be english. I walked to the classroom on the second floor and walked in. In the classroom everyone was in their seats acting like they're focused on the lesson while the teacher was teaching when really they were just goofing around. The teacher looked at me rudely before speaking. "I see you're late Ellena this is not acceptable, I expect all my kids on time and ready to learn." He said sharply. I rolled my eyes at him not in the mood to deal with anyone's crap. My mind is still pounding and the teachers annoying voice is making it worst. "Can't you just let this one go? this is my first time being late and I had to walk in the rain to get here." I said not bothering to hold back my annoyance. In the corner of my eye I saw Bryana and her followers along with Ashton and his friends as well as the whole class watching us curiously. "I don't think so." My teacher stated. "Detention today." He continued and that's when I snapped. "Why am I getting a detention? this is my first time being late everyone else has either came 20 minutes late or not at all, but I get a fucking detention because I'm 7 minutes late." I glared at him. My teacher along with the rest of the classes' jaw dropped from my out burst. I continued to give him an evil look until he gulped and spoke. "You're right Ms.Ellena you may take your seat." He said nervously. I smiled and said thank you before sitting in my seat. Ashton, Calum, Luke, and Michael looked at me like I lost my mind. I ignored them and focused on the lesson as much as I could. My mind was pounding and I felt like passing out. Calum had a smirk on his face which confused me, but I ignored it. Luke and Michael were talking hush hush about something. I wanted to know what they were saying because they were glancing at me a few times as they spoke. I was trying to listen to them, but Ashton spoke to me before I could make out what they are saying. "You're welcome." Ashton said and looked at you intensely. "Um... thank you?" I said confused not know what he was talking about. "You don't remember?" He said. "Remember what?" "Last night." "Oh....not much to be honest only a few parts when we arrived and stuff." "You don't remember me taking you home because you were wasted?" When he finished speaking my jaw was on the floor I can't believe Ashton Irwin took me home...but when the hell did I drink? Then it came to me that's why I have a hangover, but when did I drink? "Um..I don't remember me drinking anything." I said nervously hopping he didn't have anything to do with it. "Calum spiked your drink when we were at the hot tub." "When the hell did I go to a hot tub? and why was I in there with you people?" I questioned. "I think your friend Alexandra should explain what happened. " Ashton said and Michael called his name leaving me confused. I zoned out for the first time in class after that. I was trying to figure out what happened, but my mind went blank. My head is pounding the more I think about it and the more I think about it the more I wanna kill Alexandra for making me go. The bell soon rang disturbing my train of thought and I grabbed my books and made my way to second period art class. I walked to the first floor of building A and entered the art room. My teacher along with the other students were setting up for pottery. I walked over to my station once I was settled I looked around the room trying to find Alexandra's long black hair, but she was nowhere to be seen. A sudden anger came upon me when I didn't see her which made my head hurt even more. I tried to calm down as I worked with the clay. All I know is that after school I'm going to kick her ass.....
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