Wishing Well A.Ii

Ellena is a really insecure and shy girl. Ellena is bullied alot in school and doesn't get alot of attention at home since her mother died last year. One day when she was on her way home taking her usual rout through the woods she stumbles upon a well. Ever since that day she has vowed to herself to go there everyday and wait for her wish to come true. What happens if a certain brown haired boy finds Ellena and her hiding place? What if the more time he spends with Ellena the more she opens up to him. What if he falls for Ellena? Is she willing to open her heart up to him completely or will she leave the only person who ever cared for her? Will we ever know what her wish was?


5. 5


Music pounding, drunk people dancing, spin the bottle, truth or dare, seven minute in heaven, and strangers making out with each other was the first thing I saw walking to the house. This wasn't just a party it was a full on house party. I looked at Alex like she was crazy as soon as she walked in she was greeted by drunk boys all wanting to touch her. I can't really blame them though Alex is drop dead gorgeous, which surprise me why she rather hang out with me instead of joining the populars. 

"I'm gonna go for a bit are you gonna be find by yourself?" Alex asked.

I nodded and watched her being dragged away. I sighed and walked into the kitchen. I saw multiple kegers and red plastic cups on the counters and in people's hands. I walked over to a chair in the far corner of the kitchen and watched everyone from a distance. 

A guy walked up to me clearly drunk and had a red cup full of beer in his hand. He held out the cup to me and spoke.

"Heyyyyyyyy baby want someeee?" He slurred and pushed the drink in my face.

"No thank you." I replied getting uncomfortable. 

I can't believe I got myself into this mess. Any other time I would have said no and had a good night sleep in my warm bed, but no I decided to do this one favor for Alexandra and look where she is now. She left me alone with this creep most likely is gonna try to rape me.

"Come on babyyyy one sip won't hurt." He slurred and winked at me.

I stood up from my chair and pushed past the creep, but in a quick move he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into him roughly.

"Hey did I say you can leave doll face." He whispered in my ear.

I whimpered in fear and tried to get him to release me from his tight grip.

"Please don't." I replied as I tried to blink the tears away.

I looked through the tears in my eyes to see everyone ignoring the situation. I bit my bottom lip and used all my strength to push the creep off of me. He finally let go of me and groaned while clenching his chest. I glared at him and walked away from the scene which no one noticed. 

I walked into the living to find Alexandra. I pushed past the bodies of teenagers grinding and making out. I looked around about 3 times to realize she's not in here. I groaned and entered the backyard. I looked around the area to see Alex hanging out in the hot tub. 

She was sitting with Bryana and her followers along with Ashton, Calum, Luke, and Michael. There was more people surrounding them but I didn't know their names. I was staring at them debating whether I should go over there or not.

 I turned around deciding not to when Alex called my name. I stood with my back to them hoping she would take the hint, but she continued calling me. I sighed and turned around to see her walking up to me in her bra and panties.

"Hey babe." She slurred and hugged me.

"You had alot to drink maybe we should go home." I stated. 

"Nahhhhh I'm fine let's go to the hot tub your man is there." She winked.

I shook my head no and took a glance over there. They're staring at us curiously while Bryana is glaring at me intensely. If looks could kill I would be 10 feet under. I sighed and walked over to them with Alex. 

"Look who I brought!" Alex beamed and entered the hot tub and sat on Michael's lap. 

I stood there awkwardly as everyone watched me. I didn't know if I should go in the water or not I'm not stripping.

"Well are you coming in or not." One of Bryana's followers said and glared at me. 

"I don't have a swim suit." I replied.

"Wear your bra and panties." Calum rolled his eyes.

"No thank you." I replied shortly.

Calum rolled his eyes and went back to talking to Luke. Everyone began ignoring me again except Ashton and Alex. Even though she's drunk she found away to invite me into a the conversation when she could. 

"Are you sure you don't wanna come in Ellena the waters warm." She winked at me and patted the spot next to Ashton. 

Ashton stared at me curiously waiting for my response along with everyone else. Bryana glared at me as she waited for my answer.

"No thank you I'm good." I said.

"Why are you so proper?" Luke slurred.

I shrugged and looked down awkwardly. I don't know why I decided to come here everyone here is so rude and obnoxious this isn't my type of scene anyway. 

"Here, you need to loosen up a bit." Michael said and handed me a red plastic cup.

I took the cup and stared at the liquid inside. It held a brown color and a nasty smell. 

"What never seen beer before?" Calum rolled his eyes.

"I have just never tasted any." I stated.

"Innocent." I heard Bryana mutter under her breathe.

I ignored her and took a sip of beer. I wanted to gag at the taste, but managed to swallow it down. Soon the cup was empty and my vision began to get a little blurry. 

"Why is everyone spinning." I said confused.

Alexandra turned around and glared at Michael and smacked him upside his head.

"You spiked her drink!" She screamed and began smacking him in his head.

"No I didn't Calum gave it to me and told me to give it her!" He stated and tried to cover himself for her hands.

"Spiked my drink....what?" I slurred and held onto the closer person to hold me up which was Samantha summers one of Bryana's followers. 

"Ew I have slut on me." She glared at me and pushed my hand away making me fall over onto my knees. 

I groaned in pain and glared at her blurry face. I watched Alex get out the hot tub and run over to me.

"Oh my god Ellena I'm so sorry let's take you home." She stated and wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled me up.

"You can't drive home you're drunk." Calum stated.

"When did you start caring for us, you're the person who got her drunk." Alex glared at him. 

" I don't." Calum grumbled. 

"I'll drive you home." Ashton said and got up from the hot tub and came over to us.

He lifted me up and held me like a little baby in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck so I wouldn't fall. Ashton carried me through the house with Alexandra following us. We walked on the lawn to go to Ashton's car. 

"Wait what about my car?" Alex asked.

"I'll tell Mikey to bring it over in the morning." Ashton said sharply and but my body into the backseat of the car.

Through my blurry vision I saw Ashton get into the drivers side with Alex in the passenger's seat. Ashton backed out of the driveway and onto the street. He drove kinda fast, but I didn't protest. The further I'm away from that party is all the matters.

My head was pounding and I felt like I was gonna puke. I felt it coming up, but I pushed it down. In about 10 minutes Ashton pulled up to my house. Alex and Ashton got out the car. I watched Ashton come over to my side of the car and open the door for me. Ashton carried me in his arms to my front door. He went to ring my doorbell when I groaned.

"Wait my dad doesn't know I left." I slurred and handed him the keys.

Ashton sighed and opened my door and carefully and as quiet as he could made his way to the stairs. I told him to take a left and he opened the door to my bedroom. Ashton placed me down on my bed softly. He put the covers over me and made sure I was comfortable before making his way to the door.

"Thank you, Ashton." I slurred and giggled.

"No problem." He muttered and left my room. 

I closed my eyes and drifted off to dreamland.....



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