Wishing Well A.Ii

Ellena is a really insecure and shy girl. Ellena is bullied alot in school and doesn't get alot of attention at home since her mother died last year. One day when she was on her way home taking her usual rout through the woods she stumbles upon a well. Ever since that day she has vowed to herself to go there everyday and wait for her wish to come true. What happens if a certain brown haired boy finds Ellena and her hiding place? What if the more time he spends with Ellena the more she opens up to him. What if he falls for Ellena? Is she willing to open her heart up to him completely or will she leave the only person who ever cared for her? Will we ever know what her wish was?


3. 3


I walk into English class to be met with desks combined together meaning we're getting new seats in groups. I looked on the board to see that I'm sitting with Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum. What a coincidence? 

I sighed and walked over to my seat which is next to Luke. Luke and I are7 facing Ashton and Michael while Calum is next to me and Ashton facing forward. 

"Hey Ellena." Luke smiled at me.

"Hello." I replied and started doing the do now on the board.

It said to write a short summary of chapter 2 of the book thief nothing special. After 10 minutes I finished my work and looked around the class to see no one else finished. I looked at our teacher Mr. Baldwin who was on his phone minding his own business.

I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my phone and scrolled through Wattpad trying to find so interesting books to read. I stumble upon a book called The bad boys girl's by JessGirl93 I click on it and start reading it. 

(A/n for those who haven't read this book u should I'm currently reading it and it's so good) 

I start reading the first chapter and I'm completely hooked on it. I was about to start chapter 2 when Michael called my name. 

"Ellena." He whispered.

"What?" I said kind of annoyed he disturbed me from my precious reading.

"Can I copy?" He said and pointed to my paper.

"Sure." I said and gave it to him.

"Thank you." He smiled and started copying my work.

After 30 minutes of reading and doing nothing class finally ended. I grab my books and head to health class which I have with Ashton, Luke,Michael, Calum, Bryana and her minions how great. Hit the sarcasm. 

"Ellena wait!" I heard a male voice scream.

I turned around and saw Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael running up to me.

"We have health together." Calum said and Luke and Michael nodded, but Ashton did nothing.

Ever since this morning with the Bryana thing he hasn't said one word to me and it's bothering me. Maybe he regrets standing up to Bryana for me? Maybe he thinks I'm just a charity case and is only hanging out with me because of his friends mostly Calum though. I don't think Michael and Luke like me just cause the talk to me doesn't mean they like me.

"Mhm." I said and we continued walking to class. 

We entered Mr.Nervel's  classroom and I was about to sit in my usual seat in the back when Calum grabbed my hand and pulled me to the back with them.

"Oh Calum I'm fine in the-"

"Shut up Ellena." Calum said and sat down. 

I looked around and saw there are no more seats for me to sit in. This always happens there's always on kid that doesn't have a seat. Bryana always sat on Ashton's lap so it was never a problem, but now that they aren't together Bryana has her own seat now leaving me to sit on the floor.

"Looks like Ellena has to sit on the ground." Bryana said. 

I sighed and was about to sit on the floor in the back of the room before an arms grabbed me and pulled me into them. I stared at Calum wide eyed as he sat me down on his lap. He took my books from my hand and put them on the desk and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me into him.

I have never been touch by anyone like this let alone a guy. I tense up feeling uneasy and unsure of myself. What do I do? Tell him to let me go? No I can't this is Calum Hood we are talking about tons of girls would die to be in my position. 

I looked up and saw the whole class looking at us even Mr.Nervel is when she just walked into the room. In the corner of my eye I can see Ashton glaring at Calum. Why would he do that Calum was just being a nice friend unlike Ashton who hasn't said one word to me since this morning. Wait would Calum even be considered a friend? I mean yeah he talks to me alot unlike the other boys and maybe cares about me. But why would he do that all of a sudden? Ever since Ashton stood up for me he today he has been rather friendly to me which is strange. 

"Okay class today we are going to talk about sex." Mr.Nervel said and everyone groaned.

"Hey you think I wanna talk about this I was suppose to be the gym teacher, but no they gave it to the young Tom Brady looking fella." Mr.Nervel rolled his eyes at us.

"Now sex whatever you do don't have sex. Don't have sex standing up. Don't have sex stitting down cause you will get STDs and die." He said.

We all stared at him like he was crazy or something. I raised my hand and he looked at me and rolled his eyes at me before speaking. 

"What Ellena?" 

All eyes where on me and I felt Calum tighten his grip on my waist. 

"You can't die from STDs you die from what other diseases from STD like aids." I stated.

"Well guys looks like we have a sex expert everyone." And everyone except Ashton and Calum snickered and laughed. 

I saw Ashton smack Luke and Michael on the back of their heads for laughing and Calum glaring at them. Well then I guess they don't like me as much as I thought they did.

"Oh come on Ellena is a nun who would even bang her?" One of Bryana's minions Grace said.

"Shut up Grace what if Ellena already had sex and we didn't know about it?" Calum argued.

Everyone's else shifted to mine and I looked into Ashton's eyes his eyes held like a 'I hope you didn't' while everyone else eyes held 'I know she didn't' even the teacher was interested. The only pair of eyes I couldn't see were Calum's. 

"Well I mean yeah I did once..." I trail off awkwardly obviously lying. 

Everyone gasped at me and even Calum jumped a bit and I blush. 

"Bullshit Ellena is a virgin." Bryana said.

"I am not." Lie.

"Who did you fuck?" 

"No swearing!" Mr.Nervel yelled.

"Sam smith."

"In your dream you didn't do shit."

"Swear one more time I'll hurt you, Bryana!"

"I had sex with my Ex boyfriend Charlie." Lie

"Did he dump you cause your a lousy fuck?" She smirked.


"He wasn't saying that when he was screaming my name after I road him." I said and glared at her.

Everyone said oh and Bryana looked flustered and I smirked there is 2 minutes before class ended and I plan on doing something that will piss her off more then anything. I walk over to Ashton who looks at me curious to what I was going to do. I grab the back of his head and bring my lips to Ashton's and kiss him roughly. He was shocked for a few moments before kissing me back and I heard Bryana scream- 

"Ellena wake up." Calum poked me from my seat.

"What?" I looked up at him in confusion. 

"After you dissed Mr.Nervel we put on a video and you just knocked out."

"So all that....nevermind." I said and got my stuff and made my way to my class with Alexandra. 

After that crazy dream and my class with Alexandra It was time to finally leave this hell hole. I grab my bag and walk out the school and take my normal route home. I turn towards the small dirt path and make my way to the well and wait for my wish to come true. 












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