5SOS: Adventures in the Land of Candy Canes

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Once upon a frog there was a boy Named Mikey. 

He set out on an adventure in the land of Candy Canes. The Magical unicorns were made of Cotton Candy, pepper jack cheese and ice cream cones.

Luke's beautiful ass.

Mike saw them and ran over to them and licked Their dicks *Luke looks uncomfortable* And sucks on Calum's plump lips Calum fell over and landed on Onto Ashton and they both blushed. Mike looked at the boys and gets drunk. He crawls into a dark cave next to Cake and ate it. And makes fun with Ashton, his boyfriend. They fuck hard and Calum walks in. Calum looks disturbed!

"What the heck?"he shouts, falling on his face.

"Fuck he saw!" both boys yell.

Calum and Luke are scarred for life! But can't look away

"This is disgusting!" The unicorns neigh (?)

Luke and Cal run far away, and get back to their unicorn friends.

Ash and Mikey looked up, confused. They search for their candy floss unicorns and they all ride balloons blown up by farts to the top of the chocolate volcano. They make chocolate fondue and dip strawberries in it.

"Mmm....delicious!" But they soon realize it's not chocolate, it's dirt mixed with lava. They flip out and fall into the volcano. Calum sprouts wings and Saves them  

"Are you Castiel?"

"Who the fuck is that?" Cal asks


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