The new 5SOS girl!!!!

When Roddie and her brother Shane are the new kids in an old town. Will Luke admit his feeling might be true love??? Will she return the feeling???


3. chapter two

Sorry about the late chapter. I'm sitting in science now so I thought I might write chapter two. Hope you guys enjoy.


Shit, I did it again. The stupid black out happens when ever I get angry and well, she kinda made me angry. I have never been rejected before. Every girl in this town wants a piece of me. I like her. I bet she is playing hard to get. Anyway, I'm sitting in the nurses office getting my pills when i see my mum. She came In worrying about me again.

'Luke, honey are you alright?' Mum asked. She always got real worried whenever I have a blackout or when ever the school ring her. I nodded and groaned. I sat down as my head was killing me. I see the new girl, Roddie, walk by. She looked in and it looked like she was gonna come in but she saw my mum, took one last glance at me and walked away. She looked really worried.

'Mum, I gotta go. I'll see you at home okay, bye love you.' I said to my mother before rushing out after Roddie. She was done the hallway so I had to run to catch up with her. When I did, I didn't know if she looked happy to see me or ready to punch my face. Either was good with me.

'Your okay then?' She asked. I nodded and smiled at her. Roddie turned away.

'Why don't you like me huh?' I asked her.

'I'm trying to make friends and fit in. I'm not trying to turn you on. Plus you would have been my first ever. I don't really want that. Sorry Luke.' She stopped in the hallway. 'But we can still be friends.' She spoke to me like she was dumping me. I guess she kinda was.

'I'm cool with that I guess. Yeah. Friends, I would like that. Better than nothing right?' I smiled at her and she smiled back. Damn. What was this feeling that I had for her. We walked to the end of the hallway and outside to the cold air for lunch.


Luke is kinda cool I guess. I have never been friends with a celebrity who has tried to kiss me. He was kinda sad when I just wanted to be friends but then he got real happy like he found out he could screw someone else over. Luke doesn't seem like a screw over type of guy but every gentleman has their secrets. We have been talking for the whole of break. Some girls had come over and tried to pull him away but he stayed. I was very surprised since these girls were hotter than I.

'Really?' He started laughing. 'You broke your jaw while trying to climb a wall. You are stupid' he was almost on the for.

'Yeah I was like nine so you can't judge me.' I was laughing too as I can remember how stupid I was. We were having a good time when a slut walked over.

'Hey baby' she said before attaching her lips on his his and eating his face.

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