The new 5SOS girl!!!!

When Roddie and her brother Shane are the new kids in an old town. Will Luke admit his feeling might be true love??? Will she return the feeling???


4. chapter three

This is a new chapter. Hope you guys like it.


Oh my god. What the hell was Blaire doing. I tried to push her off me but I had no power like I had no power when we were dating. I broke up with her though text and I know that it was mean to do that but if you knew Blaire, you would feel my pain. When Blaire finally finished, I was hoping my facial expression told her to back off and that I was into someone else but clearly it wasn't. I looked over to Roddie, who didn't look at me and I knew she was hurt. Maybe she did like me the way I like her.

'Blaire, what the hell man?' I almost yelled at her. Her face was shocked and boy was I glad to see the boys coming out of the school. They were looking for me I guess. They knew blaire was trouble and they were the ones who told me to break up with her. I could see them marching down the field to the bench myself and Roddie were at. I could see that Calum was getting angry. He hated Blaire the worse as she screwed him over so many times. She still tries. I looked over at Roddie again. I swear she didn't want to be there.

'Blaire, darling, what are you doing here?' Ashton asked pulling the fake at smile I have ever seen. I saw Calum take Roddie away and she looked back at me before going into the school.

'I'm seeing bae, another girl was hitting high with him and I just want her to k ow that he is not hers to take.' Blaire says returning the fake smile.

'Blaire, I'm not your bed buddy anymore and I think I was sick when I was. Roddie is the new light which shines brighter than the sun.' I say. She thinks for a while.

'So she's your new bed buddy?' Blaire says. The boys where shouting at her saying that she got it all wrong but I just sat there. That's not what I wanted. For the first time ever, hat I liked a girl but didn't want to bring her to bed with me. What was happening to me. I got up and walked away leaving the boys to deal with Blaire. I found Calum and Roddie entering History. Good, I was in that class too. I sat next to Roddie whom was shocked but happy to see me though she did hide it very well.

'I'm sorry. Blaire is that ex that wants you back.' I said. She nodded her head.

'I don't really care Luke. It's not like we are going out or anything. ' and she didn't speak to me for the rest of the lesson.


I was hurt and I didn't know why. I don't like Luke in that way, do I? Once history had finish I went home. I found Shane in the kitchen.

'Hey.' I said. He grunted. I sighed and went to my room. The window was open so I guess that my room should be cold. I turned around and shut the window, not looking to what I was doing.

'Ow, my fingers.' I hear a voice. I quickly open the window to see Luke trying to crawl in.

'This would be classed as breaking and entering you know.' I said walking away from the window as he got in. He laughed.

'Yeah, but you did help me in. Listen, I think your mad because of Blaire. I broke up with her in May and she clearly didn't like it. I'm sorry.' He didn't finish what he was saying as I cut him off. I hugged him close and after realising what had happened, he hugged me too. I'm much shorter than him so my head only came up to his breast.

'It wasn't your fault.' I say. We stayed like that for what seem forever. This was everything.

Hey guys. I hoped you liked this. Comment what u think and what I should add.

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