Lost In The Woods | Hood

Sophie is a sweet girl with bad luck. She things that will happen to her are not all bad, like her best friend, Calum. He has a band called "5 Seconds Of Summer" and he is famous, but she is just the adorable Sophie. Why have the life be hard and horrible ?


2. Missing Ryan

I was in my bedroom, alone. I'm listening to my favourite musics like The Feeling, by Justin Bieber and Halsey.That music is just amazing! They are so different and, I don't know, I just love it! Suddenly, start playing Missing You, by All Time Low, and I just start thinking about my days in America and my friends. I miss America, Ryan and the girls. New York is one of the best cities in the world, although I think that Sydney is the best! I growned up in Sydney and then I runaway. My father hit in my mother, Liz, and sometimes in me and Luke. Luke told me to runaway and I did it! After three years and half, my dad was arrested. When Luke told me, I was so happy! I just thinked «I can see Luke and mom again!». I came back to Australia. I came back home! But I just came back at 1 week ago. I don't know anything. The streets are different, the neighourhoods are different, the people are different, everything is different! I just know Luke because he is my brother. I don't know he's bandmates or he's friends! We are in holidays so we don't have school, so I don't have friends! In America, I know a lot of people like Ryan and Violet! They're my best friends! They were there when no one else was! They are my everything. I call them every days. I miss specially Ryan. He was my rock. He supported me and he helped me a lots, and when I say «a lots» I mean a lots a lots! When the music started playing and I started thinking about America, I started crying!

I hate crying. When I cry, I feel like the weakest person in the whole world and that is not a good feeling! 

Suddenly someone opens the door. It's Luke, fuck! What I'm going say to him when he'll see me like that? I'm screwed! I don't like when people see me crying. It's awful because usually they will judge you.

I quickly turned around and put my stomach against to the bed. Now he can't see my face!

I felt Luke sitting on my bed. 

-Are you okay, Soph? - He can't know that I'm not fine so lets say the most usually lie in the world

-I'm fine! Thanks for asking Luke. 

-Don't lie to me please! I'm your brother, please talk to me. And I listened you crying... -He looks so worry. It's horrible seeing him like that.

I have to talk to him. He is right! He is my brother and my best friend. I can't lie to him. I hope he don't judge me...

-Luke, I will tell you why I'm like that -I feel I have to tell him so lets go! -but please don't judge me -I put my head down after I say the last words

-I will never judge you! You are my little sister and I will protect you always! -He huggs me! He is the best

-I love you, Lucas

-Love you too, Soph

-But I'm like this because I miss America and I miss Ryan! And I miss my girls too. I don't friends in here. I'm every day alone. No ones wants to stay with me and you will going in tour today so... - I said it! Quickly and practically inaudible. But I said it

-Oh Sophie! Why don't you tell me this earlier? I don't knew that you were feeling like that! In the next time, you have to tell me okay?

-Okay- a smile start appering in my face

-Oh, I almost forgot! I have a good new for you!! -Luke said changing the subject. He said it with a big smile but sad eyes. Something is not good. -We aren't going on tour. The tour was cancelled for 3 months! And now you can meet the boys!

-That's not a good new Luke! That's horrible! -I was shocked! That's an awful new, not a good one!

-But now We can make a lot of things together! You have more 3 months with me! So lets go, just more 3 months and then you are free from me! -We laugh together. He is the best and I love him so much

-Today let just see a movie and chill. I'm not on my days

We went to the living room and Luke turn on the TV and put a random movie. I like being like this with someone. In the couch, seeing a random movie and fall asleep in someone's shoulder.









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