Lost In The Woods | Hood

Sophie is a sweet girl with bad luck. She things that will happen to her are not all bad, like her best friend, Calum. He has a band called "5 Seconds Of Summer" and he is famous, but she is just the adorable Sophie. Why have the life be hard and horrible ?


1. Lazy Brother

I woke up at 8am. I dressed my usual black skinny jeans, my All Time Low muscle t-shirt and my blue flannel. I was ready!

I was knocking on my brother's door for almost 5 minutes. He's so lazy!

-Luke, you have a flight to catch! Hurry up lazy boy!

He just opens the door and I start running to the garden. He is more faster then me so, when he catch me, he put me on his shoulder. I'm screaming so loudly that the all neighbourhood can listen!

-Luke put me on the floor now! - I scream on more time - I will scream until you die! I hate you!

-I love you too Sophie - He is laughing and I just want to kill him

Luke put me on the ground and hugged me for almost 2 minutes

-Stop Lucas! I can't breathe!

-I will make my breakfast and you will getting ready. And, yeah, I will make yours! - I say - But just beacuse you are leaving today!

I start crying! He is leaving today and I will miss him so much. He is my brother and my best friend! He will just be on tour for 4 months. I think I can handle this! But I will miss him so much.He is like, I don't know... He is just essencial!

-Please don't cry Sophie! I will be back home soon! - he is trying to put a smile on my face but I'm just crying more.

He hug me and kiss my forehead. I will miss his hugs!

I'm just thinking: 4 months without Luke! That will be hard!




Sorry for my grammar mistakes! I really hope you like my fanfic! It is my first!

Love you!

-Maria xx



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