Being Related

I'm The little sister of the Brooks Brothers .. Life isn't easy being related to my brothers and it doesn't help they don't love me anymore
Beau: Montana Why did you paint my nose red ?
~First movella so please bare with me~


4. HIM

            *at home*

Where did i put those pills i need my razor  i must find them but first ill write a note to Jai, Luke, Beau, Skip, James, mom, Macy and her friends, and last but not least Nash Just thinking of him gets the zoo in my stomach i love him so much but he will never ever know

*Nash's Pov*

Something is wrong with Montana i can feel it something isn't right i need to text her or call her i love her so much but i can't let her know i'm scared she will reject me and my heart can't handle that  not from her she is my soul mate my one and only if she only knew how much she met to me I know she cuts i saw the scars on her arm she doesn't know i know about them i can't tell anyone or she will leave us all i know it and it scares me to death if she died i would die. How do i tell her how much she means to me. It hurts me so to see her suffer i wish i knew why she cut and hurt herself something isn't right and i can't even telll her i love her because she has a boyfriend who she loves so much  i wish i was that boyfriend but im not she is happy with someone else oh no i need to call her something bad is happening *call's Montana*  

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