Being Related

I'm The little sister of the Brooks Brothers .. Life isn't easy being related to my brothers and it doesn't help they don't love me anymore
Beau: Montana Why did you paint my nose red ?
~First movella so please bare with me~


2. A little more about me


Hey i'm back so i have no life being related to my brothers kills me a little more each day.. They are sweet and all but they are never here for me anymore they used to stop the bullying but since they left its gotten worse . I have even started self harming but who cares my mum is an achoholic my dads not here everyone hates me my brothers don't contact me anymore even Beau and Beau and i used to be really close everyone thinks he is a jackass but he is really sweet he was always there for me but nawt anymore i feel like no one loves me and here comes my mom crap she is drunk i need to hide if she sees me she will hit me :( Crap Here She comes  oh no 

Mom: Hey you little whore come out 

Me: your drunk again

Mom: i can do what i want so get over here

Me; No 

Mom: What get over here now *Grabs her hair dragging her over to her*

Me: ow ow ow 

Mom: Shut up you  no good whore or it will get worse Why can't you have been like your brothers and made something out of your life

Me: i'm only 16 *feels her hand across my face*

Mom: Don't speak to me you little bitch your the reason your dad left thats why everybody hates you even your brothers why do you think they moved to LA to get away from your physoctic mistake of a person go kill yourself no on e would miss you 

*punches me in the nose and slams my head into the bookshelf*

Mom: Clean up this mess you Whore  

Me: I don't thin k i can stand

Mom: Do it now and then go to your room and kill yourself *passes out*

 *Cleans up mess Causing blood to go everywhere  falls down and stumbles to the bathroom stiches up head* 

  I'm worthless i am a nothing i am a mistake why do i keep living this way *phone dings* 

 Text from Macy: Go kill yourself you slut no one loves you 

Text from Macy: DIE NOW

Text from Macy: Take that knife and slit your throat

  I'm so tired of this text after text after text not just from Macy but from every other bullies I need my Razor Now

* finds razor and starts to cut 34 times on each leg and 16 times on each arm crying myself to sleep*

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