Forgetting Luke

This is a typical love story. You have the protagonist. The new girl at school who's extremely pretty and whatnot, who secretly has depression. Her name is Suzy. You have the hopeless romantic who the protagonist 'falls in love' with. His name is Luke. You have the best friend, called Naomi. The best friends soulmate, Michael. The bullies. The boyfriends friends. Just a load of friends. You have the new home, the dead family member, the 'overprotective' mother who really doesn't care. Then there's the twist. This love story isn't perfect, in fact it might be the opposite of one. This is how Suzy, our protagonist, forgot Luke. (Thanks to all of my co-authors: Suzy_Hemmings, ShortPrincessa and Emress for working with me and helping me with my very first Movella) Updates any time from Friday-Sunday (hopefully) (Outfits for story on Polyvore)


18. When he doesn't believe in angels

I heard a knock at the door, so I opened it. Wow that was straight forwards. Moving on. Oh, it was Luke, what a surprise. He was stood, guitar in hand, pic at the ready. But before he could strum, I lay a finger on the neck of the acoustic instrument. "Luke, urrrrr, I kinda have church this morning as it's a Sunday, so can I talk to you later?" He looked surprised. 

"Your religious?" he questioned. I nodded. A huff escaped his lips. "So you believe in God and angel's and stuff?" 

I sighed. "Yes Luke, but you do not talk about it like that," I scowled, not liking the way he insulted my religion.

"I don't believe in angels." He stated bluntly. I shrugged.

"Okay then I replied, stepping out the door and locking it behind me. He carried on.

"I don't get why I should, I mean, if he exists then, like, why didn't he stop the war? And where are all the angels?"

I started to walk down the drive way, Luke in tow.

"That's the thing Luke; you can't just ask him and it happens. You actually have to act, you can't let him do all the work. And, as for angels, there everywhere, always there, you just never see them. I see them all the time. In my dreams, or just walking down the road like we are now."

I stopped for a sec as I realised that lately I had been rejecting my angels, making my life a misery. I turned to look at Luke,

"I guess your gonna come with me then?" Luke shook his head

"I'll come find you when it's over."


*Skip to after service*


I stood up from where I was sitting at the back of the hall and made my way towards the door. By this time, everyone had gone and I was alone. But as I lay my hand on the door handle, I heard the strum of a guitar behind me. Luke. 


"I promise that one day I'll be around
I'll keep you safe
I'll keep you sound

Right now it's pretty crazy
And I don't know how to stop or slow it down

I know there are some things we need to talk about

And I can't stay
Just let me hold you for a little longer now

Take a piece of my heart
And make it all your own
So when we are apart
You'll never be alone


You'll never be alone                                                                                                                     When you miss me close your eyes                                                                                                       I may be far but never gone                                                                                                       When you fall asleep tonight                                                                                                                                    J Just remember that we lay under the  same stars


And hey                                                                                                                                                                              I know there are some things we need to talk about                                                                          And I can't stay                                                                                                                           Just let me hold you for a little longer now


And take a piece of my heart
And make it all your own
So when we are apart
Never be alone.
You'll never be alone                                                                

And take a piece of my heart
And make it all your own
So when we are apart
Never be alone.
You'll never be alone"


I stared at Luke teary eyed before running into his arms and taking in his sweet but mucky scent. "I wish it could be like this forever" I thought. But, unfortunately, that was never gonna happen.

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