Forgetting Luke

This is a typical love story. You have the protagonist. The new girl at school who's extremely pretty and whatnot, who secretly has depression. Her name is Suzy. You have the hopeless romantic who the protagonist 'falls in love' with. His name is Luke. You have the best friend, called Naomi. The best friends soulmate, Michael. The bullies. The boyfriends friends. Just a load of friends. You have the new home, the dead family member, the 'overprotective' mother who really doesn't care. Then there's the twist. This love story isn't perfect, in fact it might be the opposite of one. This is how Suzy, our protagonist, forgot Luke. (Thanks to all of my co-authors: Suzy_Hemmings, ShortPrincessa and Emress for working with me and helping me with my very first Movella) Updates any time from Friday-Sunday (hopefully) (Outfits for story on Polyvore)


16. When he climbs through the window

-Susannah's Pov-

I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling. My mind was full of thoughts of Luke and utterly useless song lyrics. The other thing in my head was a voice. A voice that tells me that I'm ugly, that I'm fat. All the horrible thoughts that only vanish when I'm with Luke. 

I went back home eventually, as my mum sent the police after me. I didn't want to go home. I never want to go home. Cuz this isn't my home. It's just the house where my mum lives.

Suddenly a loud thud sounded from my window. I looked over just as another one hit. Someone was throwing stones at my window. 

I jumped out of bed and shuffled over to the crystal clear glass, a few finger prints here and there, and opened it so I could see down below me. I felt a pair of lips on mine and gasped, stumbling backwards. There was Luke, halfway through my window.

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"Luke, you scared me." I whispered, careful not to wake up my mum. 

"How did you climb up the wall? Your not spiderman are you?"

Luke chuckled and held out his hand.

"No, but I can be your peter pan. Take my hand and fly away with me!"

I giggled and grabbed his hand, jumping from my window to the grass below gracefully. Well, I may or may not have screamed all the way down and landed on Luke at the bottom.


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