Forgetting Luke

This is a typical love story. You have the protagonist. The new girl at school who's extremely pretty and whatnot, who secretly has depression. Her name is Suzy. You have the hopeless romantic who the protagonist 'falls in love' with. His name is Luke. You have the best friend, called Naomi. The best friends soulmate, Michael. The bullies. The boyfriends friends. Just a load of friends. You have the new home, the dead family member, the 'overprotective' mother who really doesn't care. Then there's the twist. This love story isn't perfect, in fact it might be the opposite of one. This is how Suzy, our protagonist, forgot Luke. (Thanks to all of my co-authors: Suzy_Hemmings, ShortPrincessa and Emress for working with me and helping me with my very first Movella) Updates any time from Friday-Sunday (hopefully) (Outfits for story on Polyvore)


9. Promise

 -Luke's P.O.V- 

 As I held Suzy, I realised how much I liked, no, loved her. I swear it was fate that she came to Australia, or she was an angel in disguise, sent here just for me. None of that mattered though, as she's with me now. I don't know what will happen in the future, but as long as I'm with her I'm sure it will amazing.


"So are you going to tell me what happened?" I asked her as her tears started to fade away. She explained her story and I sat there and listened the whole time, just staring at her. How can one be so unfair? She looked at me once she was done with her story and I held her tighter. "It'll be okay baby" I said to her, she looked at me and smiled. I swear her smile can light up anyone's day. I looked at her eyes, then her lips, and back to her eyes and I seen her blush. Awh how cute. I smiled at her and then pressed my lips against hers, pulling her closer. Our lips moved in perfect sync. We kissed for what seemed like forever and I slipped my hand up her shirt, she stopped me by putting her hand on mine. I instantly felt really bad. "I'm really sorry, I didn't me-" "shh it's okay, don't apologize" she said, cutting me off. I looked at her and smiled. God I love this girl. I kissed her again then pulled away. We looked at each other for a while, sitting in a comfortable silence. "Luke?" She said. "Yes" "Can you promise that this will last a lifetime?" She asked. "I promise" 


xxxxHey guys!! Sorry for the short chapter! But I just want to think you for sticking with us, and I want to think the main author for making me the co-author, I'm gladly happy. Thank you!xxx




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