Forgetting Luke

This is a typical love story. You have the protagonist. The new girl at school who's extremely pretty and whatnot, who secretly has depression. Her name is Suzy. You have the hopeless romantic who the protagonist 'falls in love' with. His name is Luke. You have the best friend, called Naomi. The best friends soulmate, Michael. The bullies. The boyfriends friends. Just a load of friends. You have the new home, the dead family member, the 'overprotective' mother who really doesn't care. Then there's the twist. This love story isn't perfect, in fact it might be the opposite of one. This is how Suzy, our protagonist, forgot Luke. (Thanks to all of my co-authors: Suzy_Hemmings, ShortPrincessa and Emress for working with me and helping me with my very first Movella) Updates any time from Friday-Sunday (hopefully) (Outfits for story on Polyvore)


22. Prom preparations (and penguins)

Suzy's Pov~

I was walking down the hall when I saw a huge sign thrust infront of my face. "Are you coming to prom?" an excited voice sounded from behind it, a little too over enthusiastic for my taste. 

"Ummm, no, I don't think so" I said awkwardly and tried to walk away. But the crazy girl just side stepped, blocking my path. 

"Really? Are you sure? Cuz there's gonna be punch and balloons and hot dudes, oh, and lets not forget you could be prom queen!!!" She rambled, her voice rising like she was singing at the end. 

"Uh, sure, that sounds great, but I don't dance."

"Oh well you don't have too!"

"I kinda also have a boyfriend who won't want to-"

"That's fine, you can come with me as friends!"

"Uh, I'm not too sure-"

"Well I gues I'll see you there then!" She said, skipping away. I sighed and carried on walking to my locker, when I suddenly felt a hand on my arm apinning my round.

"I'm Anna, by the way," the crazy girl said before finally leaving me alone. 

I puffed out a relieved huff and opened my locker. Suddenly I felt a pair of arms around my waist. I spun to see Luke holding an adorable soft penguin.

"This is for you" he said, kissing my nose, then skipping down the hall to our next class. I laughed shoving my books in my bag and clutching the penguin tight as I ran after him.



Sorry guys this is a filler.

That's right! The other new character in this story is Anna!

If you really really really want your character in this book please comment down below and I can fit you in somewhere with a random guy like Shawn Mendes or Ed Sheeran or something.

Love y'all

DrummerGirl xxx

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