Forgetting Luke

This is a typical love story. Or should I say fan fiction. Either way, this is all you need for a late night.


41. Mute

Anna's Pov~

"RAVEN!" I screamed, running down the cold school corridor, shoving people out the way as I went.
She looked up and smiled- she knew what I wanted- but then pretended to look scared and run away.
Damn girl, your in some trouble.
"RAVEN FRELL YOU WILL COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" I laughed, trying to sound serious.
I laughed as we continued to run through the corridors.
"YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO ME! I AM YOUR KING... wait" I said, stopping as I thought about what I just said.
Raven looked back at me, a look of amusement plastered on her face.
"QUEEN! I SAID QUEEN!" I corrected myself, earning a laugh from Raven as the chase resumed. 
Suddenly, she stopped, causing me to bump right into her. We anded up on the floor in a giggling mess.
"Seriously though, what did you want me for?" Raven asked.
I thought for a sec, before saying, "Want to come to music with me? I was thinking we could do a duet like thing." I asked, sitting up.
Raven, who was already on her feet, held out a hand to pull me up. I gratefully accepted, before slipping back down again.
But before I could fall, I felt a pair of arms catch me.
"Hey Cal," I greeted, using him to lift myself up. "We were just about to go to music, wanna come?" I asked, running my thumb along his cheek bone.
"Sure, just let me get Ashton," he replied, turning and grabbing my hand. I nodded in reply.
"Already covered," came a voice from behind us. We turned once more to see Ashton with Raven perched on his back.
"Lets go," I commanded, dragging Calum by the hand.
I could get used to this.


Suzy's Pov~

I sat in the music room, a guitar in hand. I was told I used to play guitar and sing; Luke was very expressive though.
Placing my fingers along the frets, I strummed, the instrument giving off an awful sound. I winced at the noice, before sighing and trying again.
This was going to take a while.
"ASHTON! Careful! Don't brake the drums, just play them!" I heard a girls voice call as the crash of a drum sounded.
Looking round the corner, I spotted Anna and Calum, with Raven and Ashton sitting on the drum stool.
She had drum sticks in her hands- his arms wrapped around her waist- as she sat in his lap.
"Suzy!" I heard a voice squeak from inside the room.
"Hi Anna," I mumbled, embarrassed that she had found me.
"Come join us! Luke told us all about you and your guitar,"
"I saw her in music class," Calum said, turning from where he was tuning his bass.
My shoulders rose as I rubbed my right arm with my left, wrapping it round myself. In my left hand I held my guitar loosely, suddenly feeling very shy.
"I'm not that guys. I don't remember any chords." I sighed, looking down at my feet.
Calum stared at me, daring me to look back. The others held faces of sympathy. I couldn't look them in the eye.
"Well then Michael can teach you. I think Luke should stay the hell away from you girl. He's no good," Raven stated.
"What do you mean? What did he do before I forgot?" I asked, this subject being brought up so many times, but I never got answers to my questions.
"He will tell you in his own time. Meanwhile, lets do this guys." Ashton said, before shredding his symbols.
They burst into song, Raven on the bass that Calum had just tuned, Anna on keyboard, Ash (of course) on drums and Calum doing guitar. He wasn't the best, but Raven was already bass and they felt like two basses and drums would be too much.
"When I was
A young boy
My father
Took me into the city
To see a marching band"
Calum started off. Ashton was hitting away at his snare while Anna took the lead. They nodded at me to sing so I stepped forwards.
"He said-" was all I managed to get out before I choked up.
They all stopped.
"No! Carry on! Just do it without me," I said, running out alone. They all stared at the empty doorway.

I had gone mute.

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