Forgetting Luke

This is a typical love story. You have the protagonist. The new girl at school who's extremely pretty and whatnot, who secretly has depression. Her name is Suzy. You have the hopeless romantic who the protagonist 'falls in love' with. His name is Luke. You have the best friend, called Naomi. The best friends soulmate, Michael. The bullies. The boyfriends friends. Just a load of friends. You have the new home, the dead family member, the 'overprotective' mother who really doesn't care. Then there's the twist. This love story isn't perfect, in fact it might be the opposite of one. This is how Suzy, our protagonist, forgot Luke. (Thanks to all of my co-authors: Suzy_Hemmings, ShortPrincessa and Emress for working with me and helping me with my very first Movella) Updates any time from Friday-Sunday (hopefully) (Outfits for story on Polyvore)


26. I wanna get back to where we started



Luke's Pov

So now we're back to where we started. Standing outside a hopital room, longing for the girl I know is inside. 

Cheating is something unforgivable. Some people say once a cheater, always a cheater. But I say first time's a mistake, second is a choice. The first time is gone. I never want the second to come.

She's still staring at me with those confused eyes, that confused mind, that stunning face. I feel my breathing become uneven. My head begins to spin. I don't know where to look.

My back slides down the wall as tears slide down my face. I bury my head in my hands. "I'm a horrible human being," I tell myself. 

"What have I done?" I whisper to myself, "WHAT HAVE I DONE? SHE DIDN'T DESERVE THIS!" I feel some arms wrap around me. Then another, then another. I start to sob, tears falling freely down my face as my throat clenches. I look up and see all the people holding me in my embrace.

"Ash? Calum? ANNA?" I asked shocked.

"Raven's in the room with her." Anna choked, hiccups interrupting her path to clear speech.

"Where's Mike?" I asked, still shocked.

"Didn't you know? He left to England an hour ago. He's going to see Naomi." Calum answered.

I smiled slightly, knowing that Mike was going after his dream girl, then I thought of Suzy and the small glint of happiness was gone.

"But right now Luke, you need to tell us what happened."

My frown deepened.

"Okay, but your not going to like me afterwards."


I explained the story.


Within moments they were gone.


Gone forever or not, I don't know.


But right now, I was alone.

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