Forgetting Luke

This is a typical love story. Or should I say fan fiction. Either way, this is all you need for a late night.


12. And that's the way we like it

-Susannah's Pov-

We were sat on a rock on the beach side, skateboards by our sides. The tide was coming in as I showed him the letter; the suicide note still broke my heart to read, but I carried it around with me everywhere. Hesitantly Luke takes it, but once it's in his hand he reads it intensely, eyes flying back and forth, following the words on the page like a cat follows a light on the floor. I think I know that he understands me, but out of nowhere a smile came onto his face. I look into his eyes. He looks back into mine. I feel a piece of paper in my hand and look down to see that Luke has put the note on my hand and is pointing at a sentence. "Play guitar with me sometime. Please?" I chuckle and shrugs. "Maybe. I'm not that good though." Luke pulls a 'really?' face and cocks an eyebrow. As I tilt my head down and rub my arm in embarrassment, I feel a warm hand under my chin, gently lifting it up. "Your sister seems to say otherwise." We skated back to his house hand in hand, feeling closer than we've ever been. 

As soon as I reached Luke's room I felt a pair of arms snake round my waist. I leant back into Luke and for a moment everything was perfect. But something always has to ruin it, and in this case it was a loud thud filling Luke's room. Michael. "I forgot he was in here!" I exclaimed. Apparently Naomi had given Michael her number and they had been talking in the phone for hours and had fallen asleep to each others voices, at leat that's what Michael's state of stability told me. He was now lying on the floor, his phone next to him with 'Noo<3' on the screen. The timer said they had been talking for 4 and 1/2 hours. "Luke, how long have we been out?" I asked. He shrugged and looked at his watch. "About 4 and 1/2 hours." I silently chuckled to myself before grabbing Michael legs as Luke grabbed his hands. Together we carried him into the guest room before flopping back in the centre of Luke's bed and curling up.

-Luke's Pov-

Her body was so cold. I liked it that way. I close my eyes, wishing this would never end. I did promise her a lifetime. I hear a text ring tone- it's Suzy's phone. She carefully get's up and reads the message. Her face changes and she looks confused. As she quickly looks at me our eyes meet once more and I stare into hers deeply. "My mum told me she doesn't want me back in the house, like ever. do you mind if I stay here for a while? So I can find a place to stay?" I nod, before saying, "you don't even have to ask. You can even move in if you want." She smiles and curls back into my side. I smile. And that's the way we both like it.


Hello my dolphins,

I was wondering if you wanted Michael/Naomi's Pov?

The next chapter will be quite short like this one, but we gave you 3 updates in one day so yeah...

Hope you liked the chapter and future chapters to come. I just hope you like the book!

Love y'all

DrummerGirl + Suzy_Hemmings xxx

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