Forgetting Luke

This is a typical love story. Or should I say fan fiction. Either way, this is all you need for a late night.


14. An endless nightmare

Luke's Pov.

A day without Suzy is like an endless nightmare. I just wanted to get out of school to go to her. Even though there was only 5 minutes left, I was really tempted to punch someone and run. If only the teacher would just SHUT. HER. MOUTH. Then I will be able to leave. 

Suzy's Pov.

I felt better around 1 o'clock. I thought it was pretty unfair of the boys to leave me at home alone. But their education comes first of course, and also for them to stay for me would be pretty selfish of me. School is still dumb though. School sucks. 

I decided to make the boys some dinner. It may be a bit early, but we all know Michael will have food at any time of the day. It was three in the afternoon though so... A grilled cheese'n'marmite sandwich should do the trick! Personally, I hate marmite, but we have like 4 jars of it so why not? I don't have the guts to try it, or any food right now, though...

Luke's Pov (again).

Finally! The sound of the bell rang through my ears (and the school). I had my bag in my hand ready, so as soon as I grabbed my skateboard I was down the hallway, pushing people 'out the way' as I went. I could hear some pretty bad comments on that behind me, but I couldn't care any less.

Luckily, Ashton was there with the boys to see how Suzy was doing. Of course I came with 'em. She is my Girlriend after all. Oh, and she's staying in my house. Almost forgot.

The doors were open. I saw Suzy sitting on the counter, staring blankly at Ashton'd Drum Kit. But the sound of Michael voice woke her up from her daze. "FOOD!!!" Michael shouted, grabbing what looked like a cheese'n'marmite grilled sandwich, taking Suzy's laptop on the way. Ashton and Calum look at each other happily, as if they've never had one of these sandwiches before. I just stare at Suzy. Soon she felt my eyes burning into the side of her head and she turned around and smiled at me. I send her a cheeky grin back. Suddenly we're hugging. I plant a soft kiss on her temple and sit on the couch with Suzy. We're not saying anything, and we like it like this.


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