8. WHY?


I wake up and i can feel calum hug me

"Shit!"I said

He look peaceful while he sleep

I have no idea why i sleep with superstar like Calum Thomas Hood , he's famous , he's handsome he's active

Phone ring

Jake calling

"Hey bae"I said

"Shut the fuck up , why you sleep with guy?"Jake ask


"Please see the messages that i send to you trish mary jones"

Jake send pic that i sleep with calum [i mean i fall as sleep in his arm] , fuck tirna post it !

I know why jake angry coz calum is not wear shirt

Coz that shirt calum give it to me

"Please listen me , i worry about you and i talk with calum and i just fall as sleep in his arm , and we are just friend okay? Bae?"I said

I tried to expain but jake not listen he's want to break up

"Okay! You don't understand me ! Why!? Jake?! You sleep with my bestfriend i listen you and forgive you , dont you remember?!"i ask

"That is long time ago ! I stay in future! I don't care the pass ! You want to break up why you not tell me?!" He yelld

"Okay!!! I can't take this anymore its many times that you make me cry i really cant take ! Fuck!"I yelld

I start crying

"Alright ! You want break up? I can break up with you ! You just stupid guy! Have sex with other people while i'm not in malay !you know what? Guys in australia is fucking hot! "I yell

"I want to break up with you ! I don't like that you hurt me ! Make me cry! Go to fuck your mother jake ! COÑO hijo de puta ! Puta !" I yell and hang up call

I crying , i hate him , i can find another guys! , i want to party

I wake up calum

"Hey wake up!"

"Hey why you crying?"


"Tell me a story"

I show picture that jake send to me

"Fuck!"calum shout

"I know , fuck!"

"So jake angry?"Calum ask

"Yasssss why not?"i yelled

"I'm sorry" Calum make like he going to cry

"Hey i'm sorry , you not wrong btw i break up with him he suck"

"Good , i know what you guys talking i can hear"calum said

"Fuck are serious? Did i talk too loud?"

"Yep but if angry people will talk lound too"

"Hey look !" I point at calum face


"Your eyes so black,last night you don't sleep?"i ask and he quite

"Hey! Tell me !" I ask and move closer to him

"Yeah , i can't sleep"calum said and make sleepy face

"To night you sleep in your room okay? I will sleep here , okay calu-"

"Shhh im hungry make some breakfast for me"Calum said

I going to walk to kitchen and calum slap my ass

"Ughh my ass"I said

"Hey new couple??"Ash ask

"Shut up!"Cal said

"Hey bae come down and see new couple!"Ash yell

"Go go i need breakfast!!"Cal said

I walk to kitchen and make breakfast

"Hey what do you do"Cal ask and eat becon

"You like it? , i don't know how to cook"I said

"Open your mouth!"Cal said

I open my mouth and cal give me eat becon

"Thank you Zalba!!"I said

"Hey!"Michael said


"I'm on the way go down!!!"Luke yell

"LIAR!!"Michael yell

"Hey look what she make , i can say trish never cook before so how you know to do these"Tirna ask

"Safari and google"Ashton said

"Yeah you were right ash"Calum said

"Hey! I know how to cook"I said

"Liar!"Michael said

"Yep, i call my mom -0- and ask her how to cook this is the truth"I said

"Hey we have show today"Luke said

"Can we go with you guys?"Tirna ask

"Why not bae"Ashton reply and kiss tirna

I look at them and calum look at me like he going to eat me

"What?"I ask

"What what?"Calum ask

"Why you look at me like you going to eat me ?"I ask

"He's hungry!"Luke said

"Like animals!!!!!!!!!!!"Michael said

Ashton n Luke make sound like animals

"Stop it"Calum said and laugh

"What animals are you?"I ask

"He's dog lover!"Ashton said and bark like dog

"Really? Me too!"I said and do dog face

Calum look at me and laugh

10:35 am

I walk to calum room

I open my bags and find my clothes and wash my face brush my teeth

I wear black jean and alien shirt with dr.martin

I thinking about calum , i have a crush on him before i met jake . Why i choose jake not calum?

"Knock knock can i come in?"Calum ask

"Yep why not this is your room"I said

Calum open the door and walk to me

He do a spoon hug to me

"I like your shirt"Calum said

"Go take a shower"I said and pull calum out

Before calum go to bathroom , he slap my ass

"Hey this not first time calum! Stop it"I said and slap calum ass

I think i should for get JAKE

Nah i can't forget him

My mom plans that i have to married him !! No! Why mon have to do this?!? Why!!!?

I scream!


12:00 pm

While taking shower

I thinking about her always about her !

I really have to write song about her !

'Heart breaker girls' this name so cool !

I take my towl coz i hear trish scream

"Hey! What happend why you scream?"I ask


"I'm going to wear clothes so you want to see me wear?"

I said she left me

I wear black jean hot chilli pepers shirt with black vans

I walk to Luke room

"Hey mate"Luke said

"I want to write song"I said

"So what type of it?"

"Heart breaker girl"

"Ah ha then?"

"I will write it to night when we come back from show" I said and walk to downstair

I saw trish play fifa

"Hey you know how to play this game?"I ask

"If i don't know why i play this game?"

"K you were right am sorry that i ask you"I said and make my face like im going to cry

Trish stop play and look at me touch my cheek

"Hey don't cry"She said





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