5SOS House

Calum:Arrive !

Me:Nice house , i mean fuck ! Huge house

Michael:Yeahhhhh i know young girl

Calum:Hey call her trish

Luke:Young girl

Me:I'm hungry

Calum:Okay let's get in house

Calum take luke and michael come down

Calum:Fuck ! Why you guys so heavy ?!?

I laugh and wake up Tirna and Ashton

Me:Yo ! Wake up!!

Tirna&Ashton come out of the car and knock the house

Calum:Hey ! Trish take house key please !

I take key from Calum , I unlock the door i open the door .

Tirna&Ashton walk into house and they fall down in the sofa

Calum take Michael & Luke go upstairs in their room

Ashton:You want to go in our room babe?

Tirna:Yeahh ~

Ashton&Tirna go upstairs

Calum help me take our bags

Calum:Ugghh so heavy !

Me:I'm sorry ! About it

Calum:This is your bags?


Calum:Let's get in house

We put bags down upstairs , i open Ashton room


Calum:What? What's going on ?

I point at ashton bed

Calum:Umm naked

Calum take me to another room

Calum:Here your room , Sorry if my room is messy

Me:Nice room calum ! , where you going to sleep?


Me:K see you downstairs

I open my bag and i go take shower

I watch my self in mirror

Me:Uhh so fat, fuck you belly fuck i got no ass!

Calum:Knock knock , can i go in?

Me:No , why?

Calum:I just perpare our pizza

Me:Okay i will be there , let's me wear clothes first

I wear short and crop top

I go downstair i walk to calum

Me:Hey sorry that i didn't let you come in room , i'm naked

Calum:Oh it's okay

Calum smile and eat pizza

Me:Thank you

Calum:Hey do you know netflix ?

Me:No , but i know netflix and chill


We laugh , we talking for 1 an half of hour

Calum:So what about jake ?

Me:He said if i not go back malay he will broke up with me

Calum:So why you here , i mean why you not go back

Me:I dont know how to tell my dad that is reason why im not go back

Calum:So break up?

Me:I dont know

Calum:Oh what's that? Jake hit you ? Huh?

Calum point at my arm

Me:Its just a bruise

Calum:its he hit you? kick? Punch ? Did he ?!?

I quite

Calum:Tell me !

Me:Yes , he did

I start crying come hug me

Calum:Its okay please don't cry i'm sorry

Calum take me go into my room

I sleep in calum room and crying

I open the door and go downstairs

I walk into calum , i look at he while he sleep

He so cute look peaceful and so hot his tattoo

Calum:Hey why you doing here

Me:Sorry that im disturb you , i'm just can't sleep

Calum:Come take a sit , i know you're cold

Calum said and give me a towl

Me:Thank you

Calum:You want hot chocolate?

Me:Nope thank you


Me:Oh Calum you so gentlemen

Calum:I know

Me:So did we need go to school ?

Calum:Yep monday

Me:I hate school

We talk about us about 30 minutes

and i fall as sleep in calum arms




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