7. HOME P2


Trish fall as sleep in my arms

I look at her while her sleeping , i really sad about trish and jake they are not belong together

Trish are relax

Jake are hot head

Fuck why i have to think like this ? They are belong princess and prince . Am just a dragon

"Hey you want me to take you go upstairs ?Trish ?"I ask

Oh fuck she's sleeping

"Please don't hurt me please ! I know that i wrong but i can't go back please dont hit me!"She said while she sleeping

"Fuck trish you have really bad dream with him"i said

I hug her and fall as sleep with her

7:00 am Morning

"Hey man wake up"Michael said

"Fuck"Luke said

"Hey am i on fire why i feel something hot"I said and look at trish that sleep beside me

Her face is red like she's sick

"Hey she have a cold"I said and try to get up

I put a towl on her body

"Why so cold"Trish said and sneez

"Wait me here i will take hot towl for you and some medicine , Okay? Wait me"I said

"Fuck! What happend to Trish ? What you do with her calum?"Tirna said and try to punch me

"Fuck !?! Tirna !" I said

"Stay clam babe she's just get sick"Ashton said

"Yeah she just get sick dont worry tirna"i said and walk to trish give her eat medicine and hot towl

"Here breakfast just eat something"Michael said and give her breakfast

"She hate eggs"I said

"Cereal? You want it ? or just bread ?"Tirna ask

"Bread is good for you trish" Luke said

"I dont want to eat anything just leave me alone" Trish said and walk to upstairs

"Fuck what happend to her calum?"Tirna ask

"I don't know , we just talk about jake and she cry and i take her go upstair and she come down and talk with me and fall sleep in my arms , just that"I said

"Fuck,i know why her want to stay alone"Luke said

"What?"Ashton&Me&Tirna&Michael ask

"They're break up"Luke ask

I run to upstairs and knock the door

"Hey can i go in"I ask

"Leave me alone i dont want to leave anymore"She yell

"You not wrong you can find another guys you're beautiful you're good we talking with each other almost 2 years already i know you're good ! Please open the door"I said and crying

"If you going to kill your self i have to say that i have love with you when we have first chat , i text you because i love you , when you have argument with your boyfriend i always stay beside you ! Im sorry that i didnt tell you about it" i said and crying

"Please just open the door" i crying

Trish open the door

"Stop crying if crying not handsome ! Smile ! have a big big smile"She said

And we have a kiss

I wake up coz someone poke me

Its just a dream? Fuck!

"Fuck, michael !"i said

"How you doing bro?"

"Im good , why you doing here?"

"I'm hungry so i see you trish sleep together , so how she like ?"

"Fuck you mikey,Dirty minds!"

"Sex babe!"

I fall as sleep




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