"Hey im sorry don't cry"I said

"I'm not crying!"Calum said

"Liar! I can see your eyes"I said and touch his soft cheek

"Hey !"Luke said

"Sup mate !"Calum said

"We're going now !"Michael said

"Where?"I ask

"Some where in perth babe!"Ashton said

"What time?"I ask

"3:00pm"Luke said

"What time now?"I ask

"1:20pm"Ashton said

"But now i want to play fifa!!!"Michael yell

"Me too!!!"I said

"Ughh always game game !"Tirna said

"Hey you want hang out?"Ashton ask

"Yeah why not ?"Tirna said and left us

I play fifa with michael


"Hey mate !"I said

"Sup?"Luke reply

I take luke to another room

"I just write the song finnish"I said

"Fuck calum are you serious?"

"Shhhh don't talk lound"I said

"Here song paper ! Call 'Heart breaker girl' keep it secret"I said and give paper song to luke


'You call me up,

It's like a broken record

Saying that your heart hurts

That you never get over him getting over you.

And you end up crying

And I end up lying,

'Cause I'm just a sucker for anything that you do.

And when the phone call finally ends,

You say, "Thanks for being a friend,"

And we're going in circles again and again

I dedicate this song to you,

The one who never sees the truth,

That I can take away your hurt, heartbreak girl.

Hold you tight straight through the day light,

I'm right here. When you gonna realize

That I'm your cure, heartbreak girl?

I bite my tongue but I wanna scream out

You could be with me now

But I end up telling you what you wanna hear,

But you're not ready and it's so frustrating

He treats you so bad and I'm so good to you it's not fair.

And when the phone call finally ends

You say, "I'll call you tomorrow at 10,"

And I'm stuck in the friend zone again and again,

I know someday it's gonna happen

And you'll finally forget the day you met him

Sometimes you're so close to your confession,

I gotta get it through your head

That you belong with me instead, '

"Hey i like this song mate , can i have question?"Luke ask

"Yeahh why not?"

"Its trish? I mean why this song look like your life i mean about you and trish"Luke ask

"Umm yep this is all about me and her"I said

"This is fucking so sad!"p

"Yep i know"

"Are going to cry? Hey ! Don't cry!"

"Nahhh why i have to cry"I said and rub my eyes

Trish knock the door

"Hey you want to play game?!"Trish ask

"Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!why not?"Luke said

I left them , i walk to the garden

I take a long long breath

"Hey are you okay?"Trish ask

"Yeah why not ?"I said and smile

"Why you here?"I ask

"Um i saw you walk to here so i follow you"She said and give me a big big smile

She move closer to me

"If you have anything that you want to tell me or if you worry about something you can tell me bro!"She said

Am i in friendzone??? , yep im in friendzone

"Yeah i will"

"You want sandwich im going to make it"She said

She take my hand and walk into kitchen room

"Hold my phone"She said

She open Youtube and search 'Grill sandwich'

"Hold ! Don't move okay?"She said

I slide bread

"You want grill nutella ?"She ask

I quite

"Hey! Say something!"She said

"Yeah i want!"Michael yell

"Yeah i know mikey"She yell

"I want ham just that"

"Here!"she said and give me plate

I bit the sandwich

"Nice , not bad"I said and put in her mouth

"Ummmm nice !"She said

"I just write new song , you wanna hear it?"I ask

"Yeah sure"She said

"Michael ! Sandwich are here okay? Im going to garden now !"She yell and take me to the garden with my guitar

At garden

You call me up,

It's like a broken record

Saying that your heart hurts

"Hey bro we gotta go now!"Luke said

"Heyyyy!!! Im just listen new song!!!!"She said and do angry face

I laugh

"Why is tirna and ashton?"I ask

"They are coming and we need to pack ours bags"Michael said

"But i really sure that we're not be there in1 hour coz sydney to perth it will be 2-3 hours"She said

"We're not going to perth babe , we're going USA !! Newyork hollywood !"Luke said

"Yeahhh malay!"Calum&Michael said

"Are guys fucking serious? , fuck calum why you not tell me?!"She said and hit me

"If i tell you it not going to be surprise , am i right?"I said and move closer to her

"Whoa whoa you guys can be sweet in airplane"Luke said and take us go upsatir

At calum room

"Why i such a lucky girl?"She ask while she pack her bag

"What do you mean?"I ask

"I just have see you guys for 1 day , but i can go with you guys why i really such a very very very lucky girl?"She said

"I can't leave you here coz you don't know anybody in this country this city"I said

Trish phone calling

"Hey mom"

They talking

Call are end

"Fuckkk calum mom just buy house in Australia "She said

"Fuck you will move into here ?"

"I think so"

Fuck this fucking surprise

She look in her phone and scream!

"What happend?"I ask

"Mom just put money in my banks !! How much? 10m myr"She said

"How much in australian dollars?"I ask

"Ummm 10m 32something"she said and we both scream

"Fuckk that is fucking lots of money!!!!"I said

Luke and michael open the door

"Fuck what happend?"They ask

"She's going to be richhh"I said

We scream

Tirna and ashton open the door

"Fuck trish what happend?"Tirna ask

"Yeah what happend"Ashton ask

"I just got 10m !!'She yell

"Fuckkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!"Tirna yell

"Shoping? Can ?"Tirna ask

"No not much time go pack your bag"Ashton said

"USA"Luke yelld





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