15 December 2015

7:00 am

" Happy birth day marry ! " Dad said and kiss my cheek

" name is trish not marry " i said and smil

Only one guy who call me trish he is " halzaba " best guy best friend

Phone ring

"Hi bae ! Happy birth day !!! " Jack said

"Thank you bae , so when you going to pick me ? " i ask

"At 10 see you ! " Jack said and hang up call

Jack Sanavia 18 years old blond hair with tattoo he's my boyfriend he's from England ughh his accent!! I love british accent !

I check my phone and get up to wash my face and go downstairs to eat breakfast with family

"Happy b day !!" Tirna said

"Thank sis" i said and hug tirna

Tirna Sonya Jones is my sister she's blond hair , Fuck ! I need blond hair ! We are twin

I sit at the table and eat my eggs

"Are you pack your things ? " Dad ask

"Yes" I reply

"We will miss you" Mom said

"Hey finish your breakfast" Dad said and point at my plate

"I hate eggs " i said

"Hey trish im not finnish pack my bag" tirna said

"Go la why you wait me we fly at 12 pm, dont you remember ?" I ask

"But!! My boyfriend ?!" She ask

"Go pack your bag!" Dad said

I rub my mouth and go in my room , im wash my face agian and brush my teeth and pack my bag agian , fuck why have so many things

I take my macbook and normal notebook [ i mean laptop ] and my charger in to my bagpack

"Ughhh clothes !!! Heels !!" I yelled and mom open the door

"Its everything okay ?" Mom ask


"Okay jack are here "

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