A kiss is all it takes

Adelina Adams was a girl who had it all. She was popular, smart, athletic, and was dating the most popular boy in school. Was. And then by an unexpected turn of events, she has to kiss the school bad boy. In front of the whole school. And to make matters worse, there's only one thing on her mind.

His kiss.


7. When All Hell Breaks Loose

    About three days later, I'm walking onto school grounds when it happens.

" Hey, you!"

 I turn around to find a girl who is obviously a freshman glaring at me. "What?" I say.

" Stay the hell away from David, you bitch, or we're gonna have a problem." I dont know what she's talking about. "Excuse me?" I reply, looking at her in an annoyed manner. "Just who the hell do you think you're talking to?"

" Oh, trying to be tough now, are we? Sorry, Lina, that doesnt work. So stay the hell away from my fucking boyfriend!"

It took me long enough, but I recognize her as the girl making out with David in the hallway. With this knowledge, I smirk. " Are you my mother?"


"Then don't tell me what to do. You shouldnt be calling me a bitch when you were one for a few months."

She gasped. "Y-you-"

 I sigh. "I what? Run out of comebacks, my dear freshman? Did David leave you in the dust? Dont worry, honey, when you grow up I'm sure you'll matter to someone one day." Tears filling her eyes, she left. Damn it,Lina, I think, That came off way too bitchy than you meant it to. You should apologize.   I walk towards the direction she ran off in, and find her crying in a bathroom.

"Sorry," I say," I shouldn't have said those things. I'm just annoyed and really not in the mood for arguments." She quickly wipes away her tears and glares.

" You're right. You shouldn't have." Her gaze softens. "But I shouldn't have said the other things either. I'm sorry. He hurt me too, and I kinda feel...broken. Do you think you can forgive me and we can,um...hang out sometime? I've always wondered what the school queen is really like."

I smile. "Sure," I say, yanking some paper out of a dispenser near the sink, "Now lets clean up those tears."

                                                                                              .   .   .   .   .  

   Lunch time rolls around, and I quickly find myself seated by the girl, who I remembered's name was Candace. As I started eating my food, she attacked me with questions about hair, makeup, Chase, and clothing. I answered as best I could through bites of the pepperoni pizza I had packed in my lunch bag. When she got to, " How do you do your makeup so nice? It's really pretty!" I just looked at her, and then laughed. "Um...I don't ear makeup..." Her eyes widened. "Are you serious?" Taking a finger, she wiped it over my eyelids and cheeks, only to find nothing on it. "Wow! Do you even own any?" 

"I own some, but I only wear it on special occasions. Dances, weddings, family pictures, ya know."

" I wish I-" she was stopped short by Chase plopping down on the bench seat next to me. "Hey,Lina." He grins.

" What do you want? If people see us together, they're gonna think we're dating."

His smile grows. "Let them. They're all just a bunch of rumors anyways." He finally catches sight of Candace, and his smile immediately drops. "What are you doing here?"

"Um-W-well I-"

"She's hanging out with me, Chase. Nothing to it."

He raises an eyebrow. "Well, this is an interesting turn of events. The girl who was with your backstabbing boyfriend is now an ally. Not to mention your enemy actually cares about what happens to you."

Candace glares at him. "I'm not her enemy."

He rolls his eyes. "I was talking about myself, you damn-"

"Okay then!" I stand up. "Candace, do you want to go outside?"

"Yeah, sure." She mumbles and stands up. We were half way to the door when someone yelled, "Hey, Candy!" Candace whips her head around, and splat! Her face is met with a ball of mashed potato. She wipes it off, takes someone's apple off their tray, and, ignoring their protests, launches it back at the person who hit her. She misses, and not 5 seconds later, an all out food fight goes down. Tables are thrown down for protection, and everyone is trying to get anything they can to throw at someone else. Candace's body reacts almost instantly, snatching my hand and yanking me to the ground with her. 

Liquidy food smashes against our table. I feel random things being thrown in my hair, and retaliate without thinking. Some people are staring to stand up to get a better look at where people are, and that makes them an easier target. I throw, and it hits some girl's eye. I'm getting ready to send something else when a voice shouts, "THAT'S ENOUGH!"

My head snaps the speaker, and everyone goes quiet. Because standing right there, all covered in thrown food, was the principal.

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