A kiss is all it takes

Adelina Adams was a girl who had it all. She was popular, smart, athletic, and was dating the most popular boy in school. Was. And then by an unexpected turn of events, she has to kiss the school bad boy. In front of the whole school. And to make matters worse, there's only one thing on her mind.

His kiss.


18. Revival Teaser Chapter

  I woke up to hauntingly beautiful emerald green eyes. It was the boy from school. My future husband. But why was he here? I open my mouth to speak, then burst into a fit of coughs. He pats me back.

"You ok?" His voice isn't nearly as kind as it was in school; it was monotone, uncaring,robotic.

"I-I'm fine." I'm suddenly aware of my surroundings. "Wait,hold on. Where's my sister? Where are my friends?"

"They left about five hours ago."

I ignore his statement."And you are you? What am I doing her at this time of night?Where am I?"

Now it's his turn to ignore me. "Come on. We can make it back to your house before it gets dark." He wraps something around me. I sink my fingers into it, letting it's warmth heat my body. A blanket.

Without breaking stride or turning around, he begins talking again. "You might wanna hurry. It's not safe for our kind out here at night."

I rush to his side. "Not safe? At night? Our kind?"

He doesn't answer.

"What am I exactly?" I suddenly stop. I remembered the cold, dark state. I remembered the wave, and how I couldn't breathe, and a sudden thought struck me. "Am I...dead?" I whisper.


"Then I'm alive."


I huff. "What am I,then? Dead or alive?"

Now he stops, turns, and looks at me. "You arent dead, but you aren't alive, either." He smirks. "You're among the few of us that make it. You were revived."

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