A kiss is all it takes

Adelina Adams was a girl who had it all. She was popular, smart, athletic, and was dating the most popular boy in school. Was. And then by an unexpected turn of events, she has to kiss the school bad boy. In front of the whole school. And to make matters worse, there's only one thing on her mind.

His kiss.


13. Isabelle and Amber

    "Bye, Mom!" I'm walking out of the house when I hear footsteps running from behind me.  "LINA!!!!!!" some girls scream in unison. I turn around. The next thing I know, blond and brown hair cloud my vision. "Lina! I missed you so freaking much!"  the brown haired one says, pulling back and smiling at me. "Isabelle? Amber?" I say, recognizing the Clariton sisters who went on a cruise a few weeks ago. "You missed a lot." I say, staring down at them. I'm opening my mouth to tell them everything when Isabelle, the brown haired one, holds up a finger. "We already know,girl. And we hear that you've gotten nice and cozy with Chase." She says, wiggling her eyebrows. Amber laughs, "Yeah Lina, real cozy." I playfully push them with a laugh.

  You know how I said Ella was my best friend? Well, I misjudged, because in the friendship aspect she's no match for Isabelle or Amber. Those two were the people who could make me laugh when I was sad, feel strong when I'm broken, and they would stand up for me no matter what. Ella was more of a 'shoulder to cry on' type. She had always been nice to me, and felt like home. But can she match to Isabelle and Amber?

She couldn't hold a candle.

Anyways, you get the deal. Those two were also sisters, so the fight a lot, but they always stuck together. Amber was older than Isabelle. She was a junior, like me, while Isabelle was a sophomore like my brother. In fact, Isabelle had a huge crush on Mitchell. Amber didn't really like anyone, claiming that none of the boys at school could 'contain her badassness'. So, even if people said she was really pretty, she didn't have a boyfriend. Amber flips her hair and says,"So, when are we going to jump David's sorry ass?"

I shrug. "Its already been taken care of."

Her eyebrows shoot up, and she pouts. "Seriously? And you didn't wait for me?"

Isabelle laughs. "I wouldn't have waited to kick my boyfriend's ass if I was her either, Amb."

Amber rolls her eyes. "Whatever." Then she turns back to me. "So," she outs an arm around my shoulders, "How's life?"

"If you know the events of last week, then you have your answer."

"Which I do. Bu-" She's cut off by the sound of Isabelle happily clapping her hands. "I have a great idea!"

Amber and I turn. "What?" we say in unison.

"Lets go get ice cream!"

We all burst into laughter. After we calmed down a bit, I reply, "That actually sounds like a good idea."

"Seriously?" Amber replies with wide eyes.

I nod my head. "Yup."

"Well then," Isabelle grins, "What are we waiting for?"

                                                                             .  .  .  .  .  .  .

   An hour later, we were at a cold stone happily licking our ice cream flavors. I had chocolate chip cookie dough, Isabelle had cake batter, and Amber had mint chocolate chip. After we finished, we threw our napkins in the trash and walked out the door. "So," I say, licking a random drop of ice cream off of my face, "What's next?"

Amber stops in front of a clothing store and looks at the manikins in the window with a serious expression on her face. "Lina?" Her eyes never leave the shop's title.

"Hmm?" I reply as Isabelle and I walk towards her.

" Call that Candace friend of yours. Now."

I grin, knowing where she was going with this, and whip out my phone, scrolling through names instantly. I hit call, and it rings once before a happy voice comes out the speaker. "Yes, Lina?" 

"Candace, would you like to go on a shopping spree with us?"

Her high pitched squeal causes me to wince and hold the phone away from my ear. I laugh. "I'll text you the shop's name."

"Okay! See you there! Bye!" She ended the call before I could reply.

                                                                                             .  .  .  .  .  .

  A little over 10 minutes later, a white jeep pulled into the store's parking lot. Candace climbed out and rushed over, smiling widely. "Hey Candy," I grin as I pull her into a hug. "Thank you SO much for inviting me! You're like, my best friend!" I laugh, and Isabelle clears her throat and steps up to Candace. "Hi, I'm Isabelle," she jerks her thumb at Amber,"And this is my older sister, Amber." Candace waves at them cheerfully. As one, we head into the clothing store. 

  Isabelle immediately started shopping for jeans, shorts, and dresses. Amber and I went to the camisole/crop top isle, and Candace shopped for dresses and shoes, going crazy over each item she picked up. "I hope I wasn't like that freshman year," Candace mumbled as she joined us.

Amber smiled cruelly. "Don't worry, you weren't."

Izzy's face lit up. "Really? Th-"

"You were worse." 

At Izzy's shocked facial expression, I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. As soon as she came over her shock, she pushed her sister. "Bitch," she laughed.

Amber grinned. "You know you love it."

I sigh. "We should go check on-"

"Guys!" Candace yelled, coming into our isle. My eyes widened at all the clothes she had in her arms. "Can we go and check out?"

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