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  • Published: 12 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 12 Nov 2015
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so basically it is about the flower AMARYLLIS and how it got it's name. Hope you guys like it! :)


1. Amaryllis

There once lived magnificent Amaryllis,

Who longed for heroic but cold hearted Alteo.

Alteo never payed attention,

Except who bought him new ornamentations.

Amaryllis had no idea what to do,

But to go to old wise sparrow.

He gave her a quick but strange advice,

To pierce her heart with a golden arrow.

She did so,

In hopes to divert his attention.

On the way to his home,

She found some other distraction.

These were new and lovely flowers,

So she picked a few.

Knowing even if she dies quick,

She would still be remembered through.

When she reached…she was half alive,

Knocking relentlessly at his door.

But when he opened, he was stunned,

Both by the beauty of the flowers and girl.

But maybe it was too late,

He could have sooner came.

She died laying over there,

Amaryllis was the flower’s new name.



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