A brother's concern

He had a hunch he knew what his little brother did every time he went out and if his suspicions were correct he had to ensure mother and father never found out about his illicit activities...


3. The Station


The voices were screaming at him all at once. Some were snide others sorry yet they all gave him a bleeding migraine anyway. He gulped internally at the sight of the sharp square navy building behind the large cold metallic gates. His brother swerved neatly into a reserved parking slot and opened the door. His penetrating stormy grey eyes were enough to once again make him look down as he was led into the building of his nightmares.

Shivering slightly from nerves he glanced up at Ellis to see him focused on his own thoughts. A shaky breathe escaped his lips as he glanced at officer Williams; his brothers best friend. Ellis waved him down and the two immediately began conversing. The conversation was hushed into light whispers clearly so that he wouldn't be able to hear.


Ellis hoped that William would be able to sympathize with him and help him clean this mess out. Seeing him at the station lifted his spirit up considerably and the two of them began talking.

" Good day Ellis bro what you doing here so early and why on earth is young Markus there trailing behind you? Oh god it isn't something serious is it?," William asked his tone a worried whisper glancing backwards at Mark.

"Keep your voice down Will I don't want Mark overhearing cuz it would either crush him or give him false hope and right now he needs to keep a steady head for whatever's gonna be thrown at him."

Will looked at him like he had grown another head or something equally mind boggling and asked him in a low urgent voice, "Ellis what on earth is going on? The last time you looked so grave was when Markus had a smoking trip. It's not something like that is it man?"

Ellis let out a deep breath and replied that it was something infinitely worse and relayed the entire case story. Wills face was ashen and wide eyed by the end as he watched Mark scuffing his Nike shoes. Ellis knew it was a big thing to ask but William was an officer in the underage department who dealt with issues such as this many a times and could possibly work in their favor to make things light.

He knew that this was just him being biased but he couldn't help trying to take in as much assistance as possible. God knows he would do they same for Will himself. Running a hand through his ruffled hair he began his small plea for help appeal with an emotional statement.

"I know it isn't fair to pull in a few strings for him but he's my only brother. I've seen him grow up and I know he's done some pretty messed up stuff right now however I know he can change. He's a smart kid who's just confused but I swear with a little guidance and a firm foothold he'll be alright yet I just need a little help from you to get him thought this."

He saw-triumphantly- Will's eyes soften and his smile gently warm as a hand squeezed his shoulder telling him that he'd extend his hand in as much as he could. A wave of relief washed over him and he finally looked over at Mark who astonishingly looked furious.

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