A brother's concern

He had a hunch he knew what his little brother did every time he went out and if his suspicions were correct he had to ensure mother and father never found out about his illicit activities...


4. The Proceedings


For an officer he sure forgot his surroundings often yet his bemused smirk at this became a grimace of anger as he heard his brother making him sound like one of the sorry teenage cases they pity like charity dirtbags. He would not be treated like that because there was no way he was confused when he took his first sniff of coke nor when he began his business.

What made him livid was the quelling look his brother gave him when he got over his shock and bristling with anger he strode up to Ellis and grabbing him by the arm marched him into a barren corridor.

"Why the fuck are you making me into one of those sodding pity cases you and your pals solve? Huh cuz you know me well Ellis I ain't confused I just want to make a living and escape this placid life I live in. Unlike you I don't care about my fucking grades and everything was perfectly fine till you had to put your nose into my business and hand me over to the authorities like the loyal bitch you are to them."

It seemed that he'd hit a nerve because he was hit quite hard in the nose with a knuckle punch and one hit him square in the jaw. Ellis wasn't the violent type so he was too stunned to return the favor and stood there until Ellis had blown off his steam.

Ellis had seemed quite embarrassed by his lack of control and proceeded to give him a tight lipped response whilst cleaning him up.

"Mark I was actually trying to win you some help with the other officers who I thought would sympathize more if they believed you redeemable which I do for some god damn reason. Right now you are acting like an ungrateful wench and in case you haven't noticed I have managed to escape this placid life legally with a living enjoying myself without poisoning myself. I wouldn't have known about any of this had you not evaded every officer here but I'm glad you did because otherwise you'd already be locked up in juvenile sitting your sorry butt in waiting for 18 months. I'm not doing this for you Mark I'm doing it for our loving parents and if you had a shred of decency left in you you would listen to me rather than making this even harder for everyone else."

After he'd been cleaned up they went through some heavy doors with large windows and he sat in a closed room whilst Ellis filled out the necessary paperwork as his guardian. His hands were clammy from sweat and constant rubbing. The room was filled with a sterile disinfectant smell and that along with the chill of the AC caused him to shiver nauseatingly waiting for his interrogation to take place.

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