A brother's concern

He had a hunch he knew what his little brother did every time he went out and if his suspicions were correct he had to ensure mother and father never found out about his illicit activities...


5. The Inquisition


Ellis had explained how the rest of his inquisition would occur. He would have to stay in this square white room and be asked questions from by an officer sitting opposite him behind the desk. He would need to be calm and not act rude or violent because he was already guilty. His behavior would determine the punishment he received.

He closed his eyes and shrugged his shoulders to ease the tension from them. Icy metal clamps held his hands in place causing him to jerk right up against the harsh metal.

"Calm down boy I'm not going to eat ya alive now am I? Now please restrain yourself and we can commence. Now your brother Officer Ledger has filled in your forms and it seems to me that you have already got a number on your track record for smoking at the age of 15 am I correct?"

"Yes sir," he replied in as compliant a tone as he could.

"And it seems that you managed to stay away from the cigs for a while too now yet here you are back with the crimes of underage drug intake and selling do you deny such charges?

"No sir."

"How long has this been going on for now boy and don't even think about being dishonest."

"A few months I reckon 6."

The officer before him was scrutinizing his every move and he felt under extreme pressure to be as good as the authorities required him to be. Not breaking eye contact he awaited his next question.

"Now as I see it the illegality of your actions can put you into hard juvenile for 18 months in which you'd be required to pay for your crimes with community service. If you fall back into your addiction it will be what we will do to you however after your brothers intervention as a standing officer of high esteem we have decided to leave you with a fine of £600 and a counsellor to help you until you are free from your addiction."

He couldn't believe how lightly he was being let off and promised to actually try even though he felt queasy to let go of the drugs he'd felt so attached to. For him they had been the answer to everything and it was like having to let go of his closest friends.

However it was the least he could do to repay Ellis.


"So how'd it go?" Ellis asked having waited outside my room as I was told later at dinner.

He grinned ginormously and elbowed him playfully, "Cleared off all charges with a light spanking thanks to your magic fingers you rascal."

"Well I suppose I did help to sway their decision a little,"he said modestly in that charming way he could.

Then he looked at him seriously and said that it was time to go home.

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