A brother's concern

He had a hunch he knew what his little brother did every time he went out and if his suspicions were correct he had to ensure mother and father never found out about his illicit activities...


2. The Drive To Hell


He couldn't believe how cocky he had been. He kept his head down as his brother pushed him into the car and prayed that the voices in his head would just fucking shut it. He must have had a shot extra not to have noticed his steel eyed brother in the tavern and saw his money making business crumbling before him. The foundation he had worked so hard to establish was all gone now and all his loyal customers were now left drug less.

Frustration suffocated him and he tugged at the chains holding his hands in place angrily wishing he had been more tactful. He wondered how his interrogation would go and worried about his parents reaction. He knew this couldn't be brushed of like the incident where he'd been smoking and sighed dejectedly wishing for release so that he wouldn't have to think so much.Or even better yet me prayed that the voices in his head would knock off because that's how he got in this bloody mess to begin with. He watched Ellis rigidly drive the towns saviour and felt slightly ashamed at being the source of agitation for his brother yet again.

It was Ellis who had smoothly brushed over his smoking with the authorities and the parents and that was the sole reason he wasn't expelled from school yet. Not that he would have cared so much had he been but he knew he need that degree to do something with his life and escape the pathetic existence he was living.

Ellis was the smart child who had worked his way into the elite police force and earned a fortune a year. Though he did deserve it because due to him all of Marks partners in crimes and competitors were out of business and in the slammer. It frightened him a bit to know how zealous and sneaky his brother was when catching criminals. He would never suggest it in fear of having his head ripped off but he was sure if Ellis became a criminal there was no way he'd be caught. It'd be Jack the Ripper all over again but Ellis would never stoop that low.

It was only him that took such pathetic steps in order to get money and release. That's also because ignoring his prodigy like grades he wasn't smart. Sure people told him he was and Ellis often remarked at his super smart brain yet it frustrated Mark to know that no one saw the dim witted little boy behind the book smarts. Plus he wasn't oblivious to the tempting calls of release granted to him by his suppliers for free.

He tilted his head back in order to get a clearer view of his brothers face and felt his face redden with shame looking down bowed when his blue eyes met Ellis's sharp grey ones.

Ellis sat at the wheel determined to teach his foolish brother a lesson or two and wondered how he was feeling at finally being caught. The shock at seeing him at the table knowing he was the notorious street king who evaded the police like a slippery eel was immense. He knew he had to tread upon this case carefully yet also diligently in order to ensure his brother was never seen in such a place ever again.

He glanced in the rear view mirror at him and sighed at the forlorn expression on Marks face. It was like when they were kids and he had found Mark sneaking sweets from the reward jar. But of course this was much more serious an issue.

Even more so compared to his nicotine addiction.He was beyond pissed off to be put in this precarious position again and felt stressed at having to somehow tell his parents alien a far diluted version of the tale. What saddened him the most was that he knew Mark had amazing potential to be great. It used to annoy him as a child being compared to his star of a younger brother but now seeing the mess Mark had made of his life he knew that he needed to help him.

Judging from the amount of crack Mark had inhaled he wasn't too far entrapped in the druggies curse and had a fair chance at resuming a normal life. As soon as this horrid business at the stationed was smoothed out hopefully with just a scolding and a light bail.

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