A brother's concern

He had a hunch he knew what his little brother did every time he went out and if his suspicions were correct he had to ensure mother and father never found out about his illicit activities...


6. Epilogue


It had been 10 years since Ellis had had to look out for his younger brother and Mark had done him proud. Counseling had taken some time but when he was 18 he had both a graduation and was healthily stable. Now he worked as a biochemist in a renowned company and was expecting a child with his wife Melissa.

Ellis smiled a weary smile and shook his head contentedly for saving his brothers life when his phone rang. It was about Mark and bile threatened to leave his stomach with what he was told. Shakily he replaced the phone back in its holder and cried wretchedly for the first time since he became an officer of the law.

He closed his eyes and tried to stabilise himself because it was his duty to Melissa. He found out that Mark had Mark reverted to his old ways after trying so hard to let it go most probably due to some dickhead shoving heroine under his nose.

Sneaking off into a crumbling tavern and spending his well earned money on poisons he made his way to the streets where after unlocking the heaven of release he began to convulse and died shortly due to a heart attack in his own puke and black suit.

Of course that's how he was found so little was left to imagination yet the image of the White fumes spiralling from that mouth as lively bright blue eyes went dull haunted Ellis for the remainder of his life especially when he was struck with the uncanny resemblance marks son Andrew had of him with those bright blue eyes and large dimpled grin.

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