A brother's concern

He had a hunch he knew what his little brother did every time he went out and if his suspicions were correct he had to ensure mother and father never found out about his illicit activities...


1. Caught


He frantically scans around the alley looking for a door or bin that can hide him from the blaring sirens and the screaming police lights. His heart bangs against his chest as he spies a window ledge and taking in a deep breath he crouches, legs bent and hoists himself upon the narrow ledge grunting with the effort it took. He presses himself against the murky opaque window his ears straining for the sound of the towns saviors. The hustle of the traffic being the only thing he could hear- music to his ears- he relaxes, exhausted against the wall with a sigh of relief.

His business and life were safe for now and he could continue living his double life in peaceful security. Shrugging the duffle bag onto his shoulder to rest more comfortably he walked stealthily in the shadows of the dirty cobbled alley. His mane of dark chestnut curls were hidden expertly under the hood of his black worn out hoodie. His high blue eyes drifted to the side of the street where the dead in the crumbling building are awaiting his services.

With eyes surveying his surrounding cautiously he swiftly crossed the sleeping road and entered his church. Quietly setting up a small plastic table by the door he cleared his throat and said in a resonating boom that heaven has arrived at the table. The furious commotion and brutal violence to make it to the front made these visits unforgettable. It was moments like this that the crack gave him his high and made his eyes shine like sparkling dew on a light dawn.

The clamor and chaos was music to his ears stringing his mind in all directions like a puppet being controlled by an energetic puppeteer. This was why he failed to see a man watching him carefully from the back of the poorly lit tavern. The man was all in black with a top hat shadowing his eyes.


The man waits until no one else was queuing up for pills, potions and powders. Then he strides up to the table with arms folded his body bristling with righteous anger. This man was a magician at his craft and when the going got rough he was called in. There was no case he hadn't cracked and this final mind boggling one proved to be just as easy to solve.

He watched the young man in front of him offering him all remaining killers and heard him telling him that business was to be wrapped up in five minutes. He had hoped that it would not come down to this but seeing his 16 year old brother's glazed bubblegum eyes and the drowsy smile curled on his face he knew it was time.

Sighing he removed his hat and gravely watched an expression of shock and anger flit across the youthful face. He grabbed his arm tightly to prevent him from escaping and yanked his mouth open.

White fumes of crystal meth swirled around them as he used water to rinse him clean. He knew mother and father would be heartbroken and knew he had to take matters into his own hands before telling them.

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