The Harmonix Club

This is a story of a band. Having members counting from 1-8. From hatred to friendship watch the journey of the band mates. One is the HARD ROCKERS and the other PERFECT CHORES.



"-And the award goes to.... The Harmonix Club." said the anchors of the show WORLD'S SPECIAL BAND.

"Ohhh.... i can't believe we won it guys." said Genevieve. "Its like it was just yesterday that we were separated, fighting with each other by taking the help of music."

Everyone went into the flash back.

Year 2012. Amsterdam.

School bell rings. "Silence everyone." said the new class teacher Miss Amy. 

"Welcome to grade 10 everyone. My name is Miss Amy and i'll be your music and class teacher for this year."

"Lets introduce the new edition of this class. This is Genevieve." said Miss Amy pointing towards the door, as a young beautiful girl walked in.

Her hair blonde and straight, her eyes as blue as the ocean and her complexion as white as snow.

"Hello.....everyone." said Genevieve in a very low but sweet voice.

Every boy was staring her in the class and every girl just getting jealous of her beauty except Kassie.

She got the feeling that she and Genevieve were going a long way on the road of friendship.

"My name is Genevieve Summers and i just moved here from Atlanta. I hope we all get along very well."

There was a huge silence in the class which was then broken by the class teacher.

"Ahem...(coughed the class teacher) so that is enough for the information Genevieve. You can sit next to Kassie." pointed Miss Amy to the red haired girl, whose eyes were just memorizing and complexion a shade dark than Genevieve.

"Hey. I'm Kassie as in Kasandra Bloom with a K. So you are from Atlanta. What does your father do? Do you have any brother or sisters? Wanna come to my home after school?" bombarded Kassie with a whole lot of questions.

"Hey Kassie. Yes i'm from Atlanta. My father has his own business. No i don't have any brothers or sisters. And yes i would like to hangout with you after school." Said Genevieve politely and laughingly.

"Well you are not what i thought."

"What did you thought that i'm this arrogant, egoistical bitch. No i hate it and i wish my friends also hate it." answered Genevieve.

"Then i guess you are lucky to have me." mocked Kassie laughingly.

They both were having a good laugh until, "So here is your first assignment for all of you. You all have to sing your favorite songs tomorrow so that i can test your voices and arrange you according to that." said Miss Amy.

Everyone was happy except Genevieve. Kassie looked at her and asked that whats the matter, but Genevieve kept quiet.

Then Kassie told her that she had a twin brother, who is in the same class as them.

Genevieve insisted her to tell who he was. Then Kassie pointed backwards of Genevieve.

She turned around to see that whom she was pointing to.

Then Kassie called out a name, Adriano. A boy looked towards them whose hairs where brown and as the rays of the sun fall on him, his eyes sparkled. 

Suddenly Genevieve felt her heart beat going fast. I guess this is it. He is the one whom i was finding.

"Hey Gen, where are you lost. Its time to celebrate." Said Kassie bringing her back to the present.

"Sorry i was just reviving the old memories." said Gen.

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