Mr Blue Eyes


1. Meeting


"Can you believe that we are almost Sophomores?" Sophia asked with a grin. I gave her an odd look.

"You're excited to be a Sophmore? Seriously? Wouldn't it be more exciting to be seniors?" I questioned as we entered the office. Sophia gave me a look.

"Do you really hate school that much?" she asked. This time, I gave her a look. Rolling her eyes, Sophia handed the envelope to the lady behind the desk.

"Thank you ladies" she said with a smile. I nodded once before walking out of the office. It always smelt like peppermint in there and it was starting to annoy me.

"I don't get why our parents just don't make the payments themselves instead of getting us to delivery them" Sophia grumbled.

"I thought you loved school?" I mocked with a fake shocked expression, before it turned into a grin. Sophia glared at me. Poking my tongue out at her, I turned the corner. Of course, the one time I don't look, I run into someone.

"I am so sorry!" the other person said. The voice was male, and sounded cute, if that was even a thing. I looked forward, as neither of us had fallen over.

"It's not your fault, I wasn't watching were I was going" I said looking at the male. He was cute. Very cute. And had amazing eyes.

"Yes it is. I also wasn't looking where I was going" the male said.

"Then let's call it even and say it was both of our faults?" I question. He chuckled and nodded.

"Liam Dunbar" the boy said.

"Nice to meet you Liam. I'm Selina Pierce and this is my twin Sophia" I smiled. Liam nodded to Sophia before turning back to me.

"Are you a freshmen as well?" Liam asked. I nodded.

"Wait, your the transfer student from Devenford Prep, aren't you?" I asked. It was quite a bit of juicy gossip around here.

"So what if he is Pierce? No asked for you opinion" Violet scowled as she walked over with Mason and Garrett. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever Violet. I'm assuming you're still mad about the whole lab thing?" I replied. Violet glared at me.

"O-k then. Lina, lets go before you decide to hit someone" Sophia said. I fake pouted.

"But Soph! I wanted to hit her!" I complained in my best Violet impersonation. Liam and Mason chuckled. I smirked at them.

"I might see you in class Liam. It was nice meeting you" I said with a wave before Sophia dragged me away from them. She gave me a look as we headed to our lockers.

"What?" I asked with a small smile. Sophia rolled her eyes before opening her locker.

"You know, one day, you will push it. And then someone is going to do something to you and you are not going to think and you will end up retaliating. And you know how I mean" Sophia warned. This time, I rolled my eyes and opened my own locker. Grabbed my books for English and Chemistry, I closed my locker and turned to my sister.

"Relax would you. Mum and dad will handle it if that happens. Now, if you don't mind me. I need to go see if a certain someone has gone to the office yet" I smirked. Sophia was about to complain, but I poked her nose before I walked away. She was so going to yell at me for that. But until then.


I pulled a face as I walked out of the office. He had already been here, meaning I couldn't get or do what I wanted. Stupid school rules. With an annoyed frown, I headed to English. Due to my little pit stop, I was late.

"Thank you for joining us Miss Pierce. I assume you have a real reason for being late?" the English teacher, Mr Tyron, said in his obnoxious, very low voice that he projects as if he already knew the answer to any question he asked.

I was not in the mood to deal with him. Taking a deep breathe, I turned and faced him.

"I do have a real reason Mr Tyron. I was at the office. I had to give something to the principle and it took longer than I thought" I lied. Mr Tyron looked at me suspiciously.

"Very well then. Sit" he said before he turned back to the board to finish writing up the notes for today's class. I walked between the isle's to the remaining empty seat. Sitting down, I heard a familiar chuckled from my right. I turned to see Liam. That was unexpected.

"Are you always late?" he asked. I grinned and started to shake my head before I nodded.

"Well, I guess it depends on what class. If I hate the class, I'm late. If I like it, I'm.....not as late" I chuckled. Liam cracked a grin.

"So, do you hate or like English?" he asked.

"You should know. Was I late, or not as late?" I teased with a flirty smile. Liam smirked a little as he saw my smile.

"I believe you like this class" Liam said. My smile slowly disappeared as I raised my eyebrow. I was 20 minutes late to class.

"And you say that because?" I asked intrigued.

"You were only 20 minutes late. You could have come to class 5 minutes before it ended" Liam said. I bit my lip with a smile, trying not to laugh like I wanted to.

"Very true" I replied. Liam smiled at me.

"I was wondering, do you like Lacrosse?" Liam asked. I nodded. Liam's smile got bigger.

"Are you, by any chance, going to watch try outs after school?" he questioned. I could sense he was a little nervous. I bit my lip.

"I can't actually. I really wanted to, but I have a family thing I need to attend to. I don't know why we couldn't do it last night or tomorrow. But my parents were insistent on tonight. My brother will be there though. He is trying out. Again. He was on the team last year but Coach says that all positions are open" I replied. I said more than I intended. Liam looked a little sad.

"OK. Well, if I kick your brothers butt, you can't blame me" Liam said trying to cheer himself up. I giggled, causing his smile to reappear.

"Got it" I replied.

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