Mr Blue Eyes


2. Family Things


//Quick little authors note. I don't speak Latin. I used google translate, so if you do speak Latin, feel free to correct me if anything is wrong


"I don't understand why we have to do this every week. And it is so unfair that Nathaniel doesn't have to be here" I complained as I sat down on one side of the table. My mother gave me a look.

"You very well know why we have to do this every week. And Lacrosse it important to your brother. And until next week when we do this again, Nathaniel will channel from the two of you. You both already channel each other, so it won't be any difference" Mother explained. I sighed and held my hands out. Sophia took one and my father took the other.

"Te oramus, Audi quaeso, te oramus, inhabitare facit unius moris in potestate nostra" I murmured with my family members. The candles on the table lit themselves and I felt my pendant heat up. That was the signal that our elders were blessing us with the power we deserved. We didn't have to do this as a family, but it showered respect. We also didn't have to do it once a week. If we needed power, we would pray.

When the candles went out and my pendant went cold again, I let go of my father's hand, but continued to hold my sisters.

"Dabo te virtutem meam" we muttered. This is how we shared power. It was rare for twins to be born into a family such as ours, so Sophia and I shared power to make us more in tune with each other.

"Thank you girls. You may go an do whatever now" Mother said before she and father left the pray room. I looked to Sophia and she thought for a moment,

"I guess we should head back to school. Share our power with Nathaniel" she suggested. I shrugged but nodded.

"Whose driving?" I asked as I stood. She pointed to herself and grabbed the car keys. I grinned at her. She never did like my driving. I think the whole crashing into the tree was apart of that dislike.

Getting into the car, I pulled out my phone and texted Nathaniel, letting him know we were on our way.

"I wonder if he uses it to cheat" I said out of nowhere.

"Selina!" Sophia scolded me.

"What?! It's a possibility. You seriously don't think he is that good on his own, do you?" I asked turning to face my sister. She refused to look at me and kept her eyes on the road.

"I don't know. What Nathaniel chooses to do with his own magic is up to him" Sophia replied her voice light. I narrowed my eyes.

"1, we aren't allowed to use the M word. And 2, what did you do?" I asked leaning forward as Sophia pulled into the parking lot. She got out of the car, avoiding my look.

"Sophia!" I grinned as I got out of the car.

"I am so proud of you! Granted Nathaniel will kill you when he finds out. But oh well!" I said as I locked the car with the wave of my hand, as Sophia had the keys and forgot to lock it herself.

I followed my twin to the Lacrosse field just in time to see Liam go down. I winced and watched as people ran over to him. I sent a worried look to Sophia, who had the same look. We ran over when we heard Liam cry in pain.

"What is going on?" Sophia asked Nathaniel.

"Liam has done something to his foot" Nathaniel explained.

"I can heal him" I said about to walk forward. A hand landed on my shoulder.

"Not here and not now Lina" Nathaniel warned. I bit my lip but nodded.

"Fine. But I am going to the hospital. I want to know what I can do to help" I said.

"As you wish sister" Sophia said. "But we should probably share first" she added. I nodded and let Nathaniel pull me behind the bleachers. I was worried about Liam.

The three of us joined hands and closed our eyes. We didn't have a candle to channel but we had our amulets. Concentrating on the power that radiated in my and in my amulet, I concentrated a small portion of that to flow from me to Nathaniel. We didn't need to chant. We weren't in the pray room.

"Done" Sophia said as we all opened our eyes and let go of each other.

"Thanks" Nathaniel said. Sophia ad I both nodded before we headed to the car.

"Don't forget me" Nathaniel said following us. I raised my hand over my head letting him know I got his message. Sophia unlocked the car and we all got in. I bit my lip and began to fiddle with my amulet.

"Relax Lina. Or you'll make it rain or snow or something" Nathaniel said setting a hand on my shoulder. I took  a deep breath and relaxed. I couldn't afford to be worried. Not if I did something unexplainable.

"We are here" Sophia said. I opened my door and got out. I was about to close it when I heard someone scream. Not thinking, I ran inside and up the stairs to the roof. That's were the scream came from. Pushing opened the door. I saw Liam and Scott. And a dead body.

"Selina?" Scott asked confused. I ignored him and ran to Liam. He looked confused to see me,

"I'm sorry" I apologised before my eyes glowed purple and he passed out.

"What did you do to him?!" Scott accused. I turned to face Scott and shook my head.

"Let's just get him out of here before my brother and sister come up. They don't know that I help you every now and again. They don't even know about you and your pack" I explained. Scott nodded and picked Liam up. He headed for the door.

"We can't go that way. They'll catch us. Call the Sheriff on the way down" I said walking to the edge.

"Are you crazy!" Scott asked as he followed. I smirked.

"No, but I am a witch" I replied.

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