Anger. Burning, sensual, lighting up my entire world. It controls me, and I let it, savor, love the feeling. My name is Blake, I'm 14 years old, and I've been through hell. You can never guess what I've been through, yet you see I'm tipping on the edge of sanity. I'm adopted by One Direction, but even they won't be able to fix me. I won't let them. No one can put out the flame that's burning inside. No one can make me put my guard down. I won't let them.


2. 2.

Once I reach the bottom of the stairs, Mrs. Pamita's secretary was there to show me into her office. Inside, there was more people than I could care to count. I stopped in the doorway, cowering back slightly, as all eye's turned to stare at me. I just shifted from foot to foot awkwardly and switched my gaze from them to the floor and back. Mrs. Pamita was smirking. I can just hear what she's saying in her evil little mind. This is just a fu*cking joke you little bitch. No one will ever adopt you, love you. No one wants you, you pathetic excuse for empty air! 


An older bald man with a grey suit was the first to speak. " Hello." He say's. " Hey. . ." I say quietly. Mrs. Pamita clears her throat rather loudly, and it takes everything I have to to flinch. "Mr. Styles, it's been a pleasure seeing you and all the rest of you again." She say's in a sickeningly sweet voice. Styles? As in One direction? Oh, I thought I recognized them. Baldy must be Harry's father. I think, as the devil herself continues." Now, before you leave, let me give you-"


She didn't get to finish because one of the boys with short brown hair suddenly threw his head back and shouted, " CARROTS!" Making me flinch and earning a glare from everyone else in the room. The man sitting next to him slaps the back of his head. "- this." Mrs. Devil finishes.


Jumping up from her seat, she walked over to her marble white cabinet and opened it, taking out a file. I just caught a glimpse of my name on the cover. She keeps files for each of us?


Well then.


Moving back to her seat, she say's, " Here's her file, or what's left of it anyways." She started shooing us out the door. Wait, that's it? She's not even going to let us get introduced? "I have already told you that Blake must be watched over at all times because you never know what the little hell girl will do." She giggles at herself, and I feel like I want to throw up. " And you know she's under house arrest and what she did, now ta ta!" and she slammed the door behind us. I just stared at the three cars parked in front dumbly. She told them what I had done. Why I was under house arrest.


Did she have to tell them that?


I glanced down as all eye's were once again trained on me. Anger churned in me again, but I forced it down with all my strength, searching my head for peaceful thoughts. I found none.Someone cleared there throat, making me glance up. " Here sweetheart, let me take your bag." The guy with the weird hair cut said. Wait, sweetheart? No one ever called me that before, at least not unless they were mocking me.


Well, these people were probably just waiting until we were far enough from the foster home before they started abusing me. The hits will come soon.


I give him my bag so as to avoid punishment for not doing as I was asked and followed him and the four other younger boys to one of the smaller black cars. Curly stayed outside for a moment, speaking to Baldy, before sliding into the seat next to me. I move as far away as I can without letting him know and touching Blondie. " Dad said to meet him and Liam's parents at the house since were going to be your legal guardians." He directed the last part at me. I nodded and put my head down, my wavy red hair falling into my face.


I nearly jumped a mile when Carrot Boy reached over and tucked a strand behind my ear. " Whoa there! It's alright, love. No need to be scared." He said, seeming kind of hurt. Huh. He's probably faking it, no one cares about me.


I just nodded again and leaned back, but I refused to go to sleep. What if they raped me? Killed me? Dumped me on the side of the road to freeze to death? I was only wearing a ripped pair of jeans, a black tank top, and black vans, so it wouldn't take very long to catch a cold, and who knew were the nearest shelter would be? 


But it was becoming dark outside, and I couldn't help feeling drowsy as I watched the twinkling stars through the sun roof, listening to the distant murmur of soft voices. . .




Hey guys! So another chapter up! Sorry if it isn't very good, i have a LOT of work to do right now, so i have had much time to update. I'll update in about a week or so if I can, sorry. But I'll make sure they're long! ( =


Bye, my little Fuzzbugs! ( Yea, random nickname. Deal with it.)

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