Adopted by dan and phil

Meet 17 year old Pandora Blame. She was left out the front of McDonald's when she was just 6 years old. After days of running, looking for that blue Honda that drove away, she turned up at st Richards adoption Center. Since then, her life has been temporary foster homes, adoption centres and running from the police.

She though life couldn't get worse, then she was brutally raped and left for dead.

She though about taking her own life, it wouldn't cause trouble for anyone else.

Rope in hand, she was about to take the jump but then her two angels appeared.

And life instantly got better.


2. chapter two: "that was weird"

I felt the breath quickly empty my lungs, this was the end. Suddenly the rope dropped and my feet hit the floor. My legs broke under my weight, throwing me to the ground.

I let out a gasp for breath, reaching to the rope. There were a few stomps, before the rope was removed. I sucked the air in, enjoying the feeling of it coursing throughout my body.

A pair of arms wrapped around my torso, bring me up.

"Pandora?" I heard joy faintly whisper

I went to reply, but ended up coughing. A large hand slapped my back, putting the coughing to a cease.

"J-joy" I gasped, placing my hands over my heart "is t-that you?"

"Yeah" I heard her reply, she sounded far away "it's okay"

I nodded slightly, before opening my eyes. I blinked a few times, before my view adjusted.

Joy was in the corner, her hands over her mouth, tears running down her cheeks.

If she wasn't holding me, then who was?

I looked up and made direct eye contact with the boys from before, both of the supporting me. I smiled slightly, studying their features.

"Thank you" I whispered, the corners of my lips turned up.

"Anytime" the brown haired boy smiled

A few minutes later, I managed to maintain my footing. I thanked the two strangers, before making my way over to my bed.

I sat down, my hands shaking as they played with the tips of my hazel hair.

"We should probably introduce ourselves" the black haired one smiled "I'm phil and this is dan"

"Hi" I waved "I'm Pandora and that's joy"

Joy waved slightly, before sitting next to me. She leaned her head on my shoulder, taking a deep breath in.

"You almost died" joy whispered


We sat in a comfortable silence, the only sound being the ticking of the clock behind us.

There was a loud beep, quickly followed by a huff. Dan and Phil muttered something to each other, before standing up.

"We've got to go" Phil frowned

"Oh, okay"

"We'll see you soon" Dan assured, walking over to us.

He put his arms out and I quickly stood up and walked into them. He gave me a quick hug, before pulling away and making his way outside the room.

Phil quickly ran over, giving joy and I hugs.

"Stay strong, things are going to turn around" he whispered into my ear.

I smiled slightly, giving him a quick squeeze before pulling away.

He muttered a goodbye and walked out the room.

I looked over at Joy, before shrugging and sitting down again.

"That was weird" I stated

"It was, wasn't it" Joy laughed

"Did they even adopt anyone?" I asked, my eye narrowed with confusion


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