Adopted by dan and phil

Meet 17 year old Pandora Blame. She was left out the front of McDonald's when she was just 6 years old. After days of running, looking for that blue Honda that drove away, she turned up at st Richards adoption Center. Since then, her life has been temporary foster homes, adoption centres and running from the police.

She though life couldn't get worse, then she was brutally raped and left for dead.

She though about taking her own life, it wouldn't cause trouble for anyone else.

Rope in hand, she was about to take the jump but then her two angels appeared.

And life instantly got better.


3. chapter three: "it's been busy lately"

I closed my eyes, a sigh escaping my lips.

"Please PANI" Bella pleaded

"Bellaaaaaa" I moaned, rolling my head back

"Please?" She asks, pulling the puppy dog eyes out

"Fine" I mumbled, passing her my plate.

She smiled gratefully before scuffing the pizza down her throat, it was quite scary really.

Bella was one of the other kids at the adoption Center. She was 12, making her the 6th eldest. Her parents passed away in a plane crash when she was 10, and none of her family would take her in, therefore she came here. It's sad really, she had plenty of uncles and aunts but none of them would take her.

They said she would ruin the home 'environment' and would scare the other children. It was all the result of her scar. A scar that ran from the top right hand corner to the left side of her chin. None of us know how it occurred, but we have our suspicions.

Accept for her scar, she was quite a pretty girl. She had straight red hair that went down to her knees, green eyes and a few freckles dotted around her checks. She was quite short, a curvy body on her side.

"Thank you" she smiled, showing her blue braced teeth.

"All good" I replied, taking the plate back.

"Damn, it's been busy lately" Bella noticed, her eyes scanning the missing chairs.

It's been a month since dan and phil came by, and to say it had been busy was an understatement. 12 kids had been adopted, most of them new young children with a few troubled teenagers dotted between.

"Have you packed?" I questioned, raising my eyebrow as I took a sip of my orange Fanta.

"Have you?" She retorted

I frowned slightly, before nodding my head. Not only was Bella getting sent off tomorrow, I was leaving on Sunday. I hadn't bothered to pack much, kept the posters on my wall and told Joy to keep my room.

I wouldn't been gone for long.

"Aren't you excited?" Bella asked, the corners of her lips turning down.

"After you've been rejected as many times as me, you don't get excited" I stated, she rebounded slightly.

Sure it was a bit harsh, but it was the truth. Now days whenever I get adopted its just a chance to take a week trip out of the adoption Center.


We sat in an awkward silence for a while.

"Are you excited?" I asked, licking my chapped lips.

"Well, yeah." Bella laughed, sipping her water "this time it feels right, I'm actually getting adopted, not fostered"

"Yeah" I smiled, looking deep into her eyes "I'm sure it'll go great"

Bella smiled lazily, only bringing half of her mouth up.

"What are you going to wear?" I questioned

"I was thinking my Louis and Lela ship shirt, jeans and my vans" she shrugged, pulling thinking face.



I frowned slightly, looking down at the table.

The day before dan and phil came I stopped taking my tablets, but after seeing their faces of concern I tatted taking them again.

But I didn't take them today.

Bella yawned, looking over at the empty Xbox one.

"Go ahead" I smiled, patting her back.

She smiled, before hopping up and giving me a hug.

"I'm really going to miss you" she whispered into my ear.

"And I you" I added

"Do you think we'll ever see each other again?" She asked, tears running down her face.


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