Adopted by dan and phil

Meet 17 year old Pandora Blame. She was left out the front of McDonald's when she was just 6 years old. After days of running, looking for that blue Honda that drove away, she turned up at st Richards adoption Center. Since then, her life has been temporary foster homes, adoption centres and running from the police.

She though life couldn't get worse, then she was brutally raped and left for dead.

She though about taking her own life, it wouldn't cause trouble for anyone else.

Rope in hand, she was about to take the jump but then her two angels appeared.

And life instantly got better.


1. chapter one: "never come near me again"

I sighed as I walked up the stone stairs. I sighed as I walked up the stone stairs.

"Never come back near me again" June sneered, slamming the car door shut.

I nodded, staring deeply into the ground, tears brimming my hazel eyes.

"Good bye bîtch"

I heard the rev of the car, then it was gone. I sniffed slightly, gripping my small bag tightly. I frowned as I climbed the stairs, taking a brief look at the ' st Richards adoption Center' sign I had seen to many times.

The world, I had discovered, was a cruel place, filled with cruel people. I had no idea why, but it seemed that all those nasty bûggars where attracted to me. As if I wa she magnet and they were the metal.

I heard the creak of the wooden door as I pushed it open, welcoming myself home.

"Pandora" I heard the all familiar voice scold "back again?"

"Yeah" I nodded, playing with the edge of my black shirt "sorry"

The person let out a heavy sigh, the sound of plastic against plastic filling the room seconds later.

"What happened?"

"I don't know" I admitted "I thought everything was going great, I forgot about the I-incident and I thought I was fitting in"

"Then..." She pushed

"She woke me in the middle of a nap and packed my bags" I whispered "then she drove me here"

She sighed again, the frown evident in her voice.

"What are we going to do with you?" She asked in a jokingly voice.

I appreciated the slight humour, and let out a half hearted laugh.

"I don't know, looks like your stuck with me joy" I replied

I then looked up, making eye contact with the lady.

Jocy, or joy for short, had been the first person I saw as I walked in 11 years ago. She was tall and as skinny as a twig. Her light blonde hair hug in curls above her shoulder, making her sun kissed skin and sea blue eyes pop. She always wore bright pink lipstick, heavy mascara and deep red blush.

On anyone else it would have looked ridiculous, but she managed to pull it off.

In all honesty, she was my best friend. You see, when I came on for the first time, she was only 9 years old. Making it only a 3 year age gap. Joy wasn't an orphan, in fact she was the very opposite.

Her father was a millionaire, he was kind, caring and compassionate. Him and his wife opened this adoption Center, where they left joy for long periods of time, it wasn't so much that didn't care, no the cared alright. They paid for the best of the best education, staff and supplies.

You'd think she'd be snoopy or down right nasty, growing up the way she did. However she rebelled against the stereotype, even cracked jokes about them.

No, joy had been the best person I have ever met and she was in no rush to change that.

"Do you want to put your stuff down?" Joy asked, looking pointedly at the small bag.

"It's okay" I smiled "I just want to hang"

Joy smiled, then pulled a small plastic stool out from under the desk. I chucked my rucksack over the counter, before making my way around it. It let out a small squeak, as I plumbed down onto it.

"We have some guys coming in later tonight" joy stated, squinting at the computer screen.

I chuckled slightly, "you need glasses"

"No I don't!" She defended, placing her hands over her chest "stop saying that I do"

I shrug, a small smile tugging a the corners of my chapped lips.she turned back to the screen, squinting as she tried to read something.

"Here, let me" I smirked, pushing her to the side a bit. "Philip Lester, adopting 5-16 year olds"

I felt my heart sink a little, just 1 year to old.

"That sucks" joy commented "I bet he was an ass anyway"

I smiled slightly, turning to joy. We talked about random things on our minds, before the door opened, interrupting our conversation.

Two males walked in, one with black hair and the other with brown. I couldn't take my eyes of brown guy, he looked like a total hunk.

I felt a elbow connect with my rips, making me let out a slight squeal. Joy laughed in response, poking her tongue out at me. I gave her the bird before standing up, picking my bag up with me.

I could feel the eyes burning into me, as I turned and walked out from behind the desk.

"I'm gonna go get settled" I smiled, waving goodbye as I walked upstairs.


I sat in my room, a piece of rope in hand.

I could do it right now, take my life and make people happier. Joy wouldn't have to worry about me anymore, I wouldn't have to worry about me anymore.

'Just do it' a little voice inside my head whispered 'this is better for everyone'

I nodded slightly, tying the rope into a circle

'Everything will be better'

I took the rope in my hand and stood up, swinging it across a support bar above me. After checking it was secure, I stood on a chair and placed my head in the loop.

There was a sudden nock at the door.

"Pandora, I have someone who wants to talk to you"

I just stared at the door, the rope still around my neck.

"Pandora?" She asked, banging on the door slightly.

After I didn't reply, she started screaming my name, banging on the door.

"Please, help me" she cried

I took a shaky breath in, before stepping off the chair, kicking it away.

Just then, the door broke open.

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