Adopted by dan and phil

Meet 17 year old Pandora Blame. She was left out the front of McDonald's when she was just 6 years old. After days of running, looking for that blue Honda that drove away, she turned up at st Richards adoption Center. Since then, her life has been temporary foster homes, adoption centres and running from the police.

She though life couldn't get worse, then she was brutally raped and left for dead.

She though about taking her own life, it wouldn't cause trouble for anyone else.

Rope in hand, she was about to take the jump but then her two angels appeared.

And life instantly got better.


4. chapter four: "I'm ready"

I sniffed slightly, as I waved goodbye. Bella smiled slightly, waving back. She stood hand in hand with a woman and man, the man tugging the suitcase behind him. They looked like a family, a real family. The woman smiled down at her with love and Bella looked up at her with love and respect.

It so happened, that they the woman was her aunts friend. They had told her family the news, and they had refused to meet her. It made me flare with anger, how could someone so nice be related to such aśsholes?

Bella happily jumped into the black FWD, buckling her seatbelt up. She took one last look at me over her shoulder, before closing the door. A few seconds later, the engine roared to life and then it was gone.


I stabbed at my vanilla waffles, my stomach twisting at the sight.

I felt the table vibrate, as a China plate was placed opposite me. I looked up and made eye contact with Joy.

"Hey" I mumbled, pushing my waffles to her.

She smiled in reply, thanking me for the extra food.

"So, have you packed?"

I snorted, causing a confused look to appear on joys face.

"Of course not"

"Why?" She asked, scrunching her eyebrows.

"I'll be back soon" I shrugged, stating the obvious

"Pandora, you getting ADOPTED, you're not coming back" joy stated, talking to me as if I was a 6 year old.

"You never told me I was getting adopted!" I rushed "fûck, I need to pack"

I quickly jumped out the chair and ran upstairs.


I don't know how, but I managed to stuff everything I owned into my small suitcase.

I tugged it downstairs, catching myself as I slightly slipped.

"Here, let me" Joy smiled, taking he case from me and running it outside.

I watched in confusion as she placed it in her trunk, shutting it afterwards.

"Something happened" joy explained, running back to me "I have to take you there"

I nodded, following her over to the car. We talked on the 50 minute trip, cracking up every now and then.

Eventually, the car came to a stop. I looked outside, studding the tall brick apartment.

"Here"" joy smiled sadly, handing me a piece of paper "that's the room number and floor"

I nodded, tucking it into my pocket. We hugged goodbye and I assured her that I'd text her as soon as possible.

I then hopped out the car, picking my suitcase up from the back. I waved goodbye to joy, then entered the lobby.

I quickly found the elevator, before pressing floor 4. As the awkward elevator music played, I pulled the price of paper out.

The door binged, I walked out and followed the directions to apartment 4b.

I took s breath in as I nocked on the door.

I'm ready to meet my new parents.

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