The Bad Girl and The Good Boy

She is the bad girl.
Mean. Sarcastic. Tattoos. Piercings. Ripped jeans. Bad grades. Disruptive.
That's how one would describe Annalisa Evans.
He is the good boy.
Quiet. Used. Walked over. Four eyes. Smart. Good grades. Tacky sweaters.
That's how one would describe Kade Mathis.
What if, this wasn’t the case. What if, that were a cover up. What if, the bad girl isn’t actually the bad girl. What if, the good boy, isn’t actually the good boy. But if that were true, then who does the senior grade really know.


2. Two


I push the door to the small, single story house, closing the door behind me with one hand, placing my motorbike helmet on the little table beside the door. “Lisa!” I hear the patter of little footsteps run down the hall, and a little girl with her blonde hair tied up in piggy tails comes running down the hall dressed in a light blue and white Alice in Wonderland dress.

She launches herself up into my arms, I catch the little four year old in my arms and spin around, giving Shae a rare small smile, before putting her down, where she runs off, probably into her room to play. Shoving my hands in my pockets, I walk into the kitchen leaning against the wall as my father and Erica cook in the kitchen. Well Erica cooks, my father was just watching, he was absolutely hopeless in the kitchen.

My father’s eyes snap over to me, as he smiles lightly at me, “Annalisa.” He greets.

Erica looks over her shoulder, the expression on her face as she looks over my clothing choice is one of which you give if a particularly bad smell was hanging around a room. That’s all I was to my step mother, a bad smell she couldn’t get rid of, I had no intention of ruining her perfect family image, I wasn’t going to show up at any of her petty little events anytime soon. “I’m going out. Don’t wait up.” I mumble, running a hand through my long blonde hair, before turning away, not waiting for my father’s response, not waiting for Erica to insult me in some way, not waiting for my father to possibly defend me, not waiting for them to start fighting but immediately stopping when Shae would run out asking what’s wrong, not waiting for them to comfort Shae, send her back to her room then for them to go into theirs and fight in hushed tones behind closed doors.

I refuse to wait until they go to bed, Erica in their room and dad sitting on my bed awaiting my arrival home that never comes.

The nerd boy, Kade Mathis, who had to tutor me, looks up at my arrival as I sit down at the booth, putting my helmet on the table, giving him only a second to quickly reach out and move all the papers. “You’re late,” He says quietly, sorting the papers, his glasses slipping to the end of his nose just seconds after he pushes them up, every time. “I have to leave soon.”

“Good for you,” I sigh leaning back and looking down at the brown haired, browned eyed boy as he stammers over words. “Don’t think for a second that I want to be here.”

Pushing his glasses back up Kade looks at me directly, “Then why are you?” He questions curiously without a second thought, not even slightly wavering or anything like that, almost as a challenge.

I look at him, why was I here? So I wouldn’t let my father down further than necessary, and to hopefully get out of here. “I need the grades,” I says then pause, thinking, “Don’t you dare tell anyone I said that.”

“Got it.” He salutes me mockingly, and I have to hold back a smile at his actions, I don’t smile for anyone, especially not nerds, “I’ve got to go, you were an hour late.” And with that I watched him collect most of his papers, shoving them in a satchel bag. He pushes the others towards me, “If you’re actually serious then here. Read the instructions at the top then figure them out.” He leans over and points at the top of a sheet, almost as if by impulse I sit up and forward, “It’s for Chem, English, Maths, Physics and History.” He smells really good, not like the normal nerd boy, who usually smelt like their fathers, but he smelt masculine, like sweat and good Armani cologne. “Nobody told me what you needed help in, so we’ll start with these ones for now.” Mind you he dressed kind of like a stereotypical nerd, beige camo pants, I could see the bottom of a plain black shirt poking out from under his blue sweater. He needed a style up. “And where will we meet tomorrow? Annalisa?”

I snap my eyes up to him, where he stood next to me awkwardly, I made sure my face was blank. Tomorrow. Friday. I shrug, “Wherever.” I sigh, what sort of thoughts had those been?

Man I can’t wait for tonight, hang out with Joey, Chase and Tori. Drinks, motor bikes, cars and real men. No nerds. “How about yours?” I suggest lazily, no way was I going to a library and no way in hell would I rock up at home with Kade Mathis.

His eyes widen, “Uh, yeah, I suppose.” Kade looks down at his watch, and his eyes, which were already made larger by his glasses, widened further. “Got to go. Goodbye.” He said curtly, yet politely before he turned around and walked briskly out of the coffee shop. Weird kid.

“Your coffee.” A voice interrupts my thoughts.

I start to look up at the bus boy irritated, “I didn’t order a- Joey.” I break off shaking my head and to blue eyes blonde haired boy grins at me, putting down the coffee, giving me a classic Joey Gregg wink, that makes girls hearts swoon, well it made freshmen and sophomore girls soon, by the time the girls were in junior and senior year, they’d been suckered into and out of Joey’s games, of course that didn’t stop some seniors and juniors from going back to him.

He’d actually somehow graduated last year.

I’d never been sucked in, he was a dick, though that’s probably why I hung out with him, no emotional friendship attachments necessary. That and he knew where all the parties were at, “Annalisa,” He mocks back, smirking at me. “Are you waiting for me to get off so we can go together? Aww how sweet.” Joey coos.

“Get over yourself.” I groan punching him in the leg. My tattoo scattered arm coming back and resting on the table, my plain un-inked fingers curling around the handle of the mug. “You got everything for tonight.”

At this Joey grins his heart stopping grin, “Yeah baby!” And there’s the catch phrase I was waiting for. “Got it all and cheap too! Aww man, Chase and I are going to rope so many birds in tonight.” And the grin changes to his smirk, “And of course you and Tor will get some nice looking lads. No grandpa boys Annalisa.” Joey raises his eyes at me, then to the stack of papers on the table, before back to me, “Not settling for smartasses are we baby doll?”

I roll my eyes, shoving the papers in my bag, “Tutoring dip wad. That or get expelled.” I grumble bringing the mug up to my lips, taking a sip of the delicious hot liquid that we call coffee.

“Just leave,” Joey laughs loudly, annoying people around us, I smirk into the rim of the cup, “Tori isn’t there no more, Chase is barely there, and well we all know I’m not there, I mean the school hasn’t been in the news since I left! No fires yet Evans? What’s going on?” He fake scolds.

“Gregg! I don’t hire you to flirt!” I hear his manager growl at him, I try not to laugh into my coffee.

“Flirting sir? With Evans sir? Never.” Joey mocks with a gasp, “Later Evans.” He yells over his shoulder, annoying his boss further, “See you tonight!”

I raise my drink in return as a goodbye, “I’m not paying for this Gregg!” I holler leaning back in my seat with a smirk as Joey winks at me behind his bosses back. It was a wonder the boy even had a job still.

“Evans.” Tori sings skipping over to me, where I leant against my motorbike talking with Joey and a few of the other lads.

Chase followed not too far behind the little brunette, she stops in front of me in her black dress with the purple tutu skirt underneath, the top of her dress pretty much fully unbuttoned showing most of her lace black bra. Along with the dishevelled looking Chase coming up beside her, his shirt fully unbuttoned, showing off his toned and tanned body, his abs and tattoos, his jeans hanging low enough to let us all see his V-Line and boxes band. Chase’s dirty blonde hair messy and all over the place, his blue eyes shining and Tori’s green eyes also shining.

Basically the two of them screamed of sex. Big surprise, not.

“Golding.” I greet Tori with a curt nod, keeping my arms crossed over my chest. Both Tori and I turn to look at the boys as Joey exclaims loudly, whilst clapping Chase over the shoulder, “Already getting laid mate.”

Chase turns and winks at Tori, “You know it Joey.” He laughs in response to his best mate.


Tori and Chase were what one would call friends with benefits. Leaning more towards the benefits side more than anything. Tori rolls her eyes and turns back to me, giving me a look that could only say ‘Boys, what you gonna do about them?’

Well I know what you could do about them, you could- “Ready to go Evans,” Tori interrupts my thoughts with a smirk plastered on her face, all the boys looking at us once more. “This is meant to be one of the best fights of the year.”

Chase scoffs, “It won’t be.” He states as we all walk towards the fighting arena, I grab a beer as we go, taking a chug of it feeling the liquid slide down my throat, soon enough it would help me relax and let go a lot more. “The fight of the year will be next week if Four-Eyes gets through tomorrow night in the next town over.”

I nearly spit out my drink, “Four-Eyes?” I question, composing myself and taking another gulp of my beer. By now we weren’t the only people walking, we were surrounded by lots of others going to see the fight. I watched as a lady in a very revealing, short black skirt and an even more revealing tight black shirt, who had to be in her late teens or early twenties walk fast in her high heels, clinging onto her hand was a little brown haired boy, who kept stumbling over his feet, but she never slowed for him, he looked terrified.

“You haven’t heard of him?” Chase asks me incredulously, I hated people who brought little kids here, this wasn’t a place for them, I scull the last of my beer, shaking my head at Chase as I throw my beer bottle in the bin, immediately getting another, “He’s one of the best, only floated up last year, has never fought in our town, but if he wins tomorrow night then the semis are gonna be here so he’ll be fighting here next week.”

Tori seems to get all giddy, half, I believe, from the alcohol she was consuming and half in excitement, “I can’t wait!” She squeals, much to the annoyance of the boys, “Jolie called me last week, said he doesn’t actually wear glasses but he’s seriously hot!” She sighs.

Shaking her head as we arrive at the arena, here we were. The fighting grounds. The fight that will decide who gets through to the semis next week. “Ladies and Gentlemen!” The ref yells, capturing everyone’s attention, the arena went silent. “Tonight will be a fight to remember. Jumping Jack versus our own Gideon!” And out walks the competitors, the familiar build of a guy who used to go to my school comes out, masculine and face set hard, his eyes so dark a brown they looked black, he always just went by Gideon, no last name.



His competitor was a small kid, who looked like he might pack some muscle, but surely not nearly enough to beat Gideon, ‘Jumping Jacks’ had a little smirk playing on his face, like he knew something we and Gideon didn’t. ‘Jumping Jacks’s’ small beady eyes scan the crowd and I watch as they land on Tori, who stood next to me, his eyes shamelessly give her a slow look up and down, he winks at her and she giggles in return, winking back. I knew where Tori would be after the show, but only if he won.

Gideon’s eyes follow ‘Jumping Jacks’s’ before his eyes narrowed and he growled, there was no secret about it here. Tori was Chase’s just as much as she was Gideon’s. Jumping Jacks made his first mistake before it had even begun. “Are you ready!” The ref’s voice interrupts everything as the two competitors face one another. “Now, we’re expecting a clean match,” The booing that followed this drowned out the refs words. “What am I saying! No we aren’t!” The ref yells turning everyone’s boo’s to cheers. “To a good game! And commence!”

And with that it begun. The fists flying, bloodshed. I knock back my drink finishing it before paying attention to the match at hand.


I lean against a wooden beam and take a sip of my beer, watching as Tori shamelessly flirts with Gideon, who’d won the fight, he sits back at takes it letting her fawn all over him.


Letting her press the icepack to his busted lips, his large hand resting on her bare thigh. I turn away throwing my now empty beer bottle in the trash, it had been a good fight, in fact Jumping Jacks had put up a good fight, a really good fight, but Gideon was simply better.

“Drink Evans?” I look up at the boy who’d been leaning against the wall not too far away from me, who was now holding a drink out to me, as well as sipping on his own. Charleston Rivers.

The runner of this joint. I eye him sceptically, but my want for the alcohol was more over powering as I reach out and take the drink, “Evans! We’re going, come on let’s go.” I take a sip of the beer, nodding my thanks to Charleston, before turning away, walking off towards Chase, Joey and some of the others.

Tori and Gideon nowhere to be seen, a hand wraps around my arm, I look down at the tattooed fingers before looking up at Charleston, “You’ll be here next week, on Friday, yes?” He questions, with a smile on his face, his eyes flickering from me to my mates. “For the big semi fight against Gideon and probably Four-Eyes? What am I saying, it will be that guy, he’s a beast.”

I look at Charleston and slowly pull my arm back, taking a swig of the beer, “I’ll be here. Where else would I go on a Friday night?” I reply before turning around slowly and walking over to the boys where immediately Chase wraps his arm around my shoulder.

Chase coughs and stumbles a bit, “Logan’s driving us, he hasn’t drunk nothin’” Chase slurs, “We’ll come back tomorrow for the bikes.”

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