About her .

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6. what are we?

Liam: should i leave?

Abby:  no stay

Liam: look Abby i know you love Henry and i'm pretty sure you don't want things to end between you two

Abby : your right 

-she runs out to the living room-

Henry: Abby please

Abby: I'm sorry -she starts crying-

Henry: it's ok -as he grabs her waist to being her closer-

Abby : you should've asked me for help because we would not just study 

Henry: of course next time i will come to you -as they start kissing-

-That's what Henry Wanted but it didn't happen-

-This is what happened-

Liam: I should leave

Abby : no don't 

Liam: look Abby i know-

-she stops him by kissing him , she lays down while he's on top of her he puts one hand on her waist  and the only on neck right under her chin-

Liam : you sure?

Abby: of course i am -as she bites her lip-

-the other room-

Matty: Well Me and Henry should leave 

Lila : alright goodbye -as she kissed matty goodbye-

-they leave Lila gets her keys-

Lila: Abby! i'm going to the bar see you tomorrow -she leaves-

-Gage's house-

Sasha: so Abby went to that concert with Mr.Liaon today wonder what happened

Gage: I don't know she's probably with Henry now 

Sasha: then why is Henry's truck across the street

Gage: that's Javier's house why is he there

Sasha : we should go over there to see what's going on

--knock knock--

Javier: well well

Sasha: where's Henry 

Javier: right there

Gage: oh god he's playing games and drinking what happened

Javier: him and Abby broke up apparently 

Sasha: What!! , Henry are you okay?

Henry: i was hoping she would come back , but she didn't -tears falling- man this shit hurts

Sasha: you guys were so perfect it just got worse when school started

Henry: it's because of that asshole Liam 

Sasha: Mr.Liaon???

Henry: yes she's with him right now god knows what they're doing

Gage: no i'm not allowing this he is not doing this to another one of my friends 

Henry: who was the last girl?

Sasha: me 

Henry : oh fuck , i'm sorry i didn't know

Sasha: no it's okay he's really compelling i was lucky i didn't do anything bad with him 

Henry: i feel like it's too late 

Gage: it's never to late let's go


Abby: oh my god Liam , faster oh my god oh my 

Liam : i'm gonna....

---30 minutes later----

Henry: the doors locked

-Sasha goes around and see's Abby and liam through the window talking , she goes back around-


Henry: oh thank god

Gage: wait Abby has an extra key under the mat

Sasha: how do you know that 

Gage: am i the only one who actually listens to her

Sasha: probably 


Liam : i better get going 

Abby : alright

-she kisses him then bites her lip and moves her hand to his dick-

Liam: goodbye -he smiles- remember our secret 

Abby : of course buh bye -she smiles-

-Liam opens the door-

Sasha: get out of here you asshole

Liam: calm down  goodbye

-he leaves-

Henry: Abby!

Abby: what 

Henry: i'm sorry 

Abby: you should be , you should've asked me for help 

Henry: yes i know i should've 

Abby: well i don't know why you came back here i'm tired so please leave

Henry: but-

Abby: bye -as she walks to her room-

Sasha: that was intense...




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