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4. November 3rd

Lila (abby's mom); hun i need you to get some laundry done when you get home

Abby: alright

-someone knocking on the door-

Abby: Elijah!!

Elijah : i told you i would come see you

Abby : how long you here for 

Elijah: i think me and dad are staying here so maybe for a long time

Abby : oh my god yes!!!

Lila: Abby what's going on

Abby: well mom if you forgotten this is your son Elijah and him and Levi are coming to live here

Lila : oh my gosh Elijah i haven't seen you since you were a tiny one

Elijah : nice to see you again mom

Abby : it's hard to notice her since she's not stupid drunk

Lila : well i have to go meet up with Matty buh bye

Elijah : who's Matty

Abby : Henry's dad but she's dating him

Elijah : that's gross

Abby : well they forgot me and him were dating

Elijah : so i'm coming to your school today 

Abby : i can't believe y'all are moving here

Elijah: did you just say y'all 

Abby: sorry i did live in Texas for a long ass time

Elijah:  then you moved to Seattle

Abby : yep , if your wanna be early on your first day we better go now

Elijah : alright

Abby : oh shit it's November 3rd

Elijah:  is that bad?

Abby: no i just am going somewhere tonight

Elijah : oh

-they get to the school-

Abby : Sasha meet my brother Elijah can you show him where the front office is

Sasha : no Zion this is Abby's brother Elijah show him where the front office is

Zion : oh ight , hi i'm Zion

Elijah : Elijah

-Abby starts running to Liam's office-

Liem: good morning Abby

Abby : today is November 3rd

Liem : yes it is

Abby : Concert!!!

Liem: i totally forgot about that

Abby : really?

Liem: no

Abby : you gonna tell me who we're seeing

Liem : no

Abby : what if i don't like them

Liem: oh trust me you do

Abby : oh alright , now i need to go find my brother

Liem: you have a brother?

Abby : yes i just found out too when i went to go visit my father

Liem: that's great

Abby: yes it is see you later

-------after school----

Elijah : oh there's dad

Levi : Hey guys

Abby: i forgot to ask you something when i saw you last 

Levi: what is it?

Abby : why did you say 'wow' when i said my last name is Mckibben 

Levi : it's the guy your mom married right after me 

Abby : what , so she changed my last name to someone else

Levi: it's not just someone else it's Troy Mckibben 

Abby: oh , i'm gonna go home and talk to her 

----she get's home----

Abby: Mom?

Lila: Hey Abby

Abby : mom who's Troy Mckibben

Lila: my ex husband

Abby : Levi Lyles is my dad though right?

Lila: no he's not

Abby : do i have a sibling i don't know about because he talked about how you went away with a daughter

Lila: Abby , you had a sister she had a heart problem and when she turned 4 she died , you were born like 10 month's after she was

Abby: oh my god , so Levi isn't my dad

Lila: no he isn't 

Abby : is my dad still alive

Lila: yes he is

Abby : you have his number don't you

Lila: yes here go get my phone and you can call him from yours

Abby: ok

-She goes to get her mom's phone and see's Troy's name and she dials it in her phone....starts ringing-

Troy: hello?

Abby : is this Troy Mckibben?

Troy : yes it is who is this

Abby : your daughter Abby Mckibben

Troy: oh wow uh are you still living in Seattle?

Abby: yes

Troy : living in that house by evergreen bay high school

Abby: uh yes

Troy : i'll come over and see you i'm already driving 

Abby: oh alright see you here

Troy: alright goodbye

-she hangs up-

Abby: he's on his way here

Lila: well uh this is gonna be awkward because matty is coming over

Abby: oh okay well stay in the other room

-she looked out the window and saw someone pull up and see's Matty and Henry get out-

Abby : oh great

-Lila opens the door-

Lila: Matty -she kisses him-

Henry: gross 

Abby: My dad is on his way

Henry: your calling Levi dad now

Abby : he's not my dad Troy is 

Henry : oh 

-Troy pulls up in a really nice car and a two little kids and a women come out too-

Troy: Abby?

Abby: that's me

Troy : i want you to meet my sister Alison and my two son's Anakin & Hayes

Abby : well hello Alison and hi boys

Anakin : we're twins we're 4 years old

Abby : awe cute , um this is my boyfriend Henry

Troy: nice to meet you

Henry : you too.

Abby : well come inside

Troy : this place definitely looks different

Abby: really i don't think it does

Troy: it's been 14 years since i been here

Abby : oh then it probably has

-Lila walks into the living room-

Lila:  oh whoops sorry meant to go in the Kitchen

Alison: Hello Lila

Lila: hi Alison , you definitely look the same Troy

Troy : you too Lila

Lila: alright i'm leaving now

Matty: Henry i'll be back later 

Henry : i'll just stay here

Matty : oh ok

-they leave-

Troy : so is he your dad?

Henry: yea he is 

Troy: you're dating Abby but your dad and her mom are dating

Abby : we've been dating for a couple years they just got together

Troy: oh 

-someone knocks-

Abby: who now

-Abby opens the door-

Abby : Levi oh hi

Levi : whose car is that?

Abby : um 

-he walks in the house and see's Troy-

Levi : why is he here?

Troy: i'm her father

Levi : hey just because she has your last name means nothing

Troy : i am her father i was there when she was born

Abby: ENOUGH!!! Levi you're not my dad 

Levi: what?

Abby : you're right though you had a daughter my mom told me she had heart problems is that correct

Levi : no?

Troy : wait don't you abby?

Abby : no , how about everyone stays here until my mother get's back 

Troy : Alison can you take my kids home and i'll be home later 

Alison : alright , come on boys

-they leave-

-a couple hours later-

Matty : Henry let's go 

Henry : alright

Abby : Mom

Lila: yes?

Abby : sit down and explain to one of these people that i'm their kid

Lila : Troy isn't your dad i just thought maybe you'd believe that he is

Troy : wait so my daughter died

Lila : yes she did you already knew but you were always on drugs

Troy : oh...then why is her last name mine

Lila : you wanted it to be and we were married and Levi was out of the picture

Troy: oh yea..well i guess i better go now

Abby : bye

Troy: goodbye



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